One year from  2013 to June of 2014

James Awarado        ( Belgium )

I choose to come in China because it's the country where Martial Art is born. I've always been attracted by Kung Fu and Chinese Martial Art, especially Wing Chun. My motivation was to change my lifestyle and my habit. I also wanted to travel, to see other culture and other people. I was really happy to go in the mountain to do sport all the day.

My greatest gain was to know myself more than before. Not a lot, but I discover a lot of think here I probably will never find in my country. Of course I still the same but I feel good and strong in my body now. I learn a lot about martial art, but also about life in other country, about living like a Martial Artist.My master really help me, but the others students help me a lot too.

Master is really nice, always smiling, thinking in a really positive way and patient with his student. His Kung Fu is amazing, i'm really proud to learn with him! He can show you a lot of things and his knowledge is great. He pushes you when you need it, but also give you the rest that you sometimes have to take.Others student also give me a lot of help. Everyone exchange what they know with everyone, and you can speak about different martial art all the day.The life in Kunyu mountain kung fu academy had his life rhythm. Everyday you wake up and you just train. You don't think about anything else. You forgot the time, the day, juste focus on the training.

The life is great, you feel like you born again. During the summer, lifestyle is cool, students sometimes go to restaurant, or the little bar next to the academy and the ambiance is great. Everyone is nice, always in a cool vibration.
The translators are also very kind, and can speak correct English and can help you when you need it. All the masters are great, they know what they do, and teach you a great kung fu! Every master had his proper style and way to teach.

About the surroundings, the mountain is beautiful... So calm and peace. The temple at the top of the mountain was also nice, and it's cool to go train in.

The weather is also good, not too much hot in summer, not too much cold during the winter. During the summer, it's perfect.Yantai city is at 1h of taxi, and this is a big city. You can find some place to enjoy the week-end in club or to buy good things like food or speaker for your computer, etc...

It's sure; I will come back if I can!!! I had so much good times here in one year... I will never forget all of this. I have to go back for study in my country, but I wish to come again during the vacation of July. I really hope it will be possible for me!

Thanks a lot for everything Kunyu mountain shaolin martial arts academy!

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He spent one year in kunyu mountain school China to study.