One month training in Aug 2014.

 Helene    (Switzerland)   

I always was interested in Kungfu, so I thought that there was no better place than China to have an authentic experience of martial arts. Furthermore, it was the opportunity to get an intensive introduction to Kungfu,then,I came to Kunyu mountain shaolin kung fu school to study.

 Feeling the energy that I was able to gain while practicing the Qigong with my master was a great thing for me. In general, a great gain was also to be able to train everyday so intensively and pushing myself beyond my limits.

My master is naturally the person who influenced and helped me the most. Butt more often more advanced students were also very helpful.

My experience in the academy was great and I only wished I could have stayed longer……I hope I can come back. I like the training program I had with my master, which is good balanced and valued. The academic daily life is also well structured, there are rules, but these are clear, help us to be more disciplined and I believe those belong to the mindset of martial arts. I particularly enjoyed practicing Taichi and Chigong in our group. Doing the forms in the second session was very good.  Climbing the mountain on Friday is also a good way to finish the week. As option, we could end the class in the lake. Finally mandarin class are very helpful, especially when we learn the basic vocabulary and repeat all together. The translators are all great. They are always there for us, very understanding and helpful. Furthermore, I enjoyed kung fu training with so many students from different age, level, nationalities and background. Every day you get to know new personalities, this is very enriching. Facilities are also good and sharing a room with some students is a good thing to quickly be involved in the daily life of the school, as your roommate can explain you everything.

Surroundings are great. The landscapes with the mountains are very beautiful. The village is small but has everything needed: the fruit market, everything shop and restaurant. It is also nice to have a lake next to school. it is so great to have fresh air. I would never thought that it was possible in China! Also Yantai and Muping are cool cities to hang out during the weekend.