.In this pages,you will see Four different Traditional Martial Arts competitions we attended in July and August 2014 as well as School Anniversary performing,please see the four competitions in details as followed: (14 photos in total in this page)

In August ,2014 ,Our students took part in  the International Exchange of martial arts competitions held in Beijing,and achieved excellent records.

International Kung fu performance held in Beijing,
Some of students in Exchange of Martial arts Competitions.

Great records from student of kunyu mountain school

Students achieved gold medals in the three martial arts competitions in August 2014 year.

In July 28 and August 8,students to participate the International Traditional Martial Arts competition  in Yantai city twice,and got very good records.

Some students and masters are in the competitions

kunyu mountain shaolin kung fu school china

Master and a younger student in the competitions.

Some of the students took part in this kung fu competitions

Gold medal got by our students.

In end of July,2014,school masters held big  Shaolin kung fu performance  in academy that held every year for School Anniversary,and finished successfully,here are some photos listed below:

Some students and masters took part in this show,this performance include shaolin kung fu,Tai chi sword,

shaolin weapons,wing chun,Bagua,Chi kung,Mantis and application ,etc.

Chinese Tai Ji assists performed in Kunyu mountain China

                       Chinese Tai Ji assists from Yantai city performed Tai chi Sword .

master performed shaolin Sparring

Masters performed shaolin kung fu sparring.

                          The students performed.

performed weapons 

                        The Master performing weapon.


Students performed in the Show.