Tai Chi Plum Blossom Praying Mantis Boxing        


Tai Chi Plum Blossom Praying Mantis Boxing .The style, locally called Mei Hua Tang Lang Quan, boasts of a unique trait of altering the strides. In Chinese, the strides resemble plum flowers. A good example of the flower is five petals in the plant. The nickname of this sport was derived from this example. When playing this boxing game, there is no stopping when doing the pliable shifts. That is why it got the name Taichi praying mantis boxing, or by the name Taiji Plum. Students will always want to know the mantis fist.



The sport of Tai ji blossom plum mantis boxing uses two different techniques from the mantis fist. This includes the Tai Chi Mantis with the Plum Bossom Mantis fists. The technique is employed more in Yantai Shangdong. The current style called Taiji Plum Bossom borrows heavily from the Hao Lianru, who was a follower of Lian Xuexiang, the sons called Hao Hengxin and Hao Henglu and Hao Bin, the grandson. The three off springs came together and formed the Taiji Mantis concept together with the plum Bossom in the start of 20th century. This led to the culmination of the new style.

The plum Bosom Mantis style boxing is unique because it holds the stiff modification of steps. The steps resemble plum flowers shown in the famous five petal of the plant. The five siblings of Hao Lianru started teaching this style to people in different areas. The Tai Chi Bossom plum praying mantis has remained unique based on the big sword held with both hands. However, it remains supple compared to the seven star praying mantis.

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