In this page,there are three performances and activity we attended.

In May 2016,We joined the Kung fu performance in Taoism Temple next to us held by Kunyu mountain during Chinese May Labor holiday,and welcomed by locals and people of Yantai.

The masters and students who took part in

Students performed Shaolin Kung fu.

Shaolin Staff performing

Ariel performed Wudang sword

Ariel performed to break Stone by Palm with Chi kung

Female student performed double swords.

Student performed monkey animal style.

Student break bricks by hand with Chi kung.

We joined the third time Chinese martial arts Competition invited by The Cup of "Long Quan Yu Gate" in Horse Inland of Yantai City.

Several masters and students joined this performance.

Performing kung fu Forms 

Female master Tian who main teach Summer camp group during the summer time.

The student perform shaolin weapon

Performing shaolin forms.

In April 2016,Our students took part in the  large-scale public welfare Love activities "to hold up the sun of tomorrow" held by volunteer of Hua Teng book academy in Yantai city.