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● In June 2021,we will offer Free Online Kung Fu Course of A month for the students who booked us to practice at home before border opens.See More

In June 2021,Master Guo and Master Gao are awarded the honor

Two masters have been awarded the honor of " 100 martial artists for their outstanding contributions" in Yantai

Master Gao's Disciple Ceremony in 2021

Master Gao's disciple -Russell from UK and trained Chinese Kung fu with his Master for One Year and Half

Kunyu academy won the award of excellent organization

​In January 2021,the academy won the award of excellent organization by Yantai Martial arts association and government.

On Dec 24 ,2020 we celebrated Christmas in academy,also attended school translator' wedding ceremony

We wish all Merry Christmas and happy new year.The 2020 is a really tough year for everyone,but the difficulty is temporary and will eventually pass.

In Dec 2020,we replaced all windows into best quality ones.

We changed all the single-layer glass with three-layer warm-up glasses for all the building's windows to ensure the good temperature of room especially in winter with heating system for students.

In Oct 2020,Taking part in Kung Fu performing

In October 2020,We did Kung Fu performance in Muping 13th Martial arts Invitation Competition

In 2020 Sep- Ceremony was for Theo who has trained here for One Year and Half.

2020 Sep:Traditional Disciple ceremony was for Theo who will train traditional kung fu for two years in Kunyu Mountain Shaolin academy.

On August 29th, 2020,we achieved good records in the 17th Kung Fu competition.

With the completing 17th Yantai International Kung Fu competition 2020,we achieved excellent records, 24 gold medals in total. Click see more.

On August 22, 2020, Sanda competitions of 17th Yantai Kung Fu festival was held in our academy.

Six students attended and achieved five gold prize in the six Sanda Matches.

17th Yantai International Martial Arts Festival

​On August 8, 2020, the 17th Yantai International Kung Fu Festival was held in our school" Meanwhile,August 8 has been designated as "National Fitness Day" in China---The topic of this Festival "The world meets Martial arts in Yantai"

In July 2020,Traditional Disciple ceremony was held.

In July 2020,Traditional Disciple ceremony was held in Kunyu Mountain Shaolin martial arts academy.

On May 1st,2020 ,Student Simon Lo become a normal Shaolin disciple.

Click more for the traditional Ceremony from Simon Lo from Australia (two year kung fu course)

In March 2020,China Tree-Planting Day

Our students participate the tree planting during the Chinese Tree-planting day on Kunyu mountain.

On Dec 24th 2019 ,We celebrated Chrismas together

On Dec 20th,2019 Christmas is around the corner. Happy Christmas and New year to all.Kunyu mountain academy is also about to welcome the 17th year of development. We believe that everyone had experienced ups and downs in 2019,as long as you stick to a positive and upward mentality to react and grow, the sun will wave to you

In Dec 2019,Yoshua became a normal Disciple of Shaolin Master Sun

In Dec 2019,Yoshua Deydier spent three Years in Learning Chinese traditional Shaolin Kung fu in Kunyu academy.

In November 2019,we invested about 38,000 USD to have replaced the whole heating system

Having replaced all heating system for winter with larger &higher efficiency including standard rooms building and the new building as well as all gates.

Yinchuan Kung Fu Cultural Festival 2019

On Oct 19,we attended Yinchuan Kung Fu Cultural Festival held in NingXia province achieved 11 gold, 2 silver and 2 copper, as well as the military ethics Fashion Award and the best performance award awarded by Ningxia sanda association in traditional martial arts boxing,&weapons,Chi kung.

2019 Attending TaiChi Health Care conference

In Oct, 2019 ,31 students were invited to attend TaiChi health care conference held in Weihai city to perform.Have fun.

2019 Year 17th HongKong International Martial arts Competition

On April 11 to 13,2019,Ten students attended 17th HongKong International Martial arts Compeition(We have been attended for four times) winning 20 gold prize,3silver,and take 2 bronze in 25 competing items

2019 FuXi cup” international Tai Chi &Chi Kung competition

On July 26 to 28,we attended “FuXi cup” international Tai Chi &Chi Kung competition held in XiAn city,Shanxi Province,which achieved 18 gold prize,25 silver,8 copper prize in traditional Tai Chi,Shaolin,weapsons,Wing chun,Baji,Chi kung,etc

Here is the specific address to the academy in English

China Kunyu Mountain Shaolin Martial Arts Academy

Kunyu mountain Natural Conservation District, Yantai City, Shandong Province, China. Postal Code: 264100

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