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On August 9, 2024, we will hold a grand event to celebrate the 20th anniversary, featuring a large-scale martial arts performance. Additionally, the Sanda competition of the Yantai International Martial Arts Festival will be held at our school on the same day. We sincerely invite both new and former students to join us and partake in this grand celebration. 

Participated in 2024 April National invitational tournament

Students achieved excellent records in 2024 Praying Mantis Boxing competition of National invitational tournament.

Feb 24th, 2024, We celebrated the Lantern Festival together.

We Celebrated the Lantern Festival together in Kunyu Mountain Shaolin Martial Arts Academy China. Besides the Chinese Kung Fu training, students can experience more on Chinese culture and its tradition.

2024 Recent Excellent students Selected.

Each year, Exceptional International Students are chosen rigorously by the faculty, staff, and fellow students, considering their academic progress, personal development physically and mentally, commitment, and duration of study.

On Feb10 of 2024, Chinese biggest holiday - Chinese Spring Festival

We Celebrated Chinese New Year - Spring Festival together in school as usual each year. Wishing All of you abundant blessings, health, and success as we welcome the Year of Dragon.

In Sep 2023, Celebrated Chinese Mid-Autumn Festival.

In Sep 2023, we celebrated Chinese traditional holiday - Mid Autumn Festival in Kunyu academy .

2024 Kunyu Mountain Christmas and New Year Greetings:

The three years of the pandemic have brought endless challenges to many. In this challenging year of 2023, we've weathered many difficult moments but also created beautiful memories. As 2024 approaches, let's welcome a new beginning with optimism and resilience. Like gently falling snowflakes, bringing tranquility and serenity, may each day of the upcoming year be filled with hope and sunshine. Wishing everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

2023 August, Participated Qingdao Martial arts competition

On 2023 August 19, we participated Qingdao international Martial arts competition and achieved good records.

In August 2023 ,the Government leaders visited us.

In Aug 2023, government leaders visited us and provide strong Support for our Chinese Kung Fu and culture promotion.

On Aug 8th,2023, participated in Yantai Martial Arts Festival annually

Since 2004, the Yantai Martial Arts Festival has been successfully held for 19 times, which is also due to the rich heritage of Yantai -"hometown of martial arts".We performed Tai Chi and attend the competition.

Tsingtao International Kung Fu Competition 2023 .

On July 29, 2023, we took part in the Tsingtao International Kung Fu Competition

On July 5,2023,Interview and cultrual exchange activity

On July 5,2023, the cultrual exchange activity of Chinese Kung Fu is hosted in the academy and organized by International Media of China Foreign culture Bureau .

On July 1 ,2023, Performing Shaolin ,Ba Ji Chuan,and kung fu weapon.

On July 1 ,2023, we participated China Police Festival and performed Shaolin Kung FU.

2023 Year,17th National Martial Arts competition

On May 21,2023,we participated the 17th National Martial Arts Township Competition ,one of the largest National Kung Fu competition held by the Chinese Martial Arts Association.

The Mind-Body Connection in Shaolin Martial Arts

Learn more about the Shaolin mind-body-energy connection to achieve conscious control of movement and a peaceful state of mind.

2023 updated: China's border has opened .

Visa application to China is getting normal . Contact with academy to the furthur procedure now.

Notice :2022 Shaolin Kung Fu Online Contest globally

On December 24th,2022. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you all. Best wishes for the coming New Year of 2023 with good health and luck. Invited by original Shaolin Temple China and Abbot Shi Yongxin on attending 2022 Shaolin Kung Fu Online Contest

Celebrated 2022 New Year and Christmas together on Dec 24, 2021.

Christmas is around the corner.Wish all students and school faculty Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. We hope the global epidemic will end as soon as possible and everything will get back to normal. Hope people can work in unison and help each other to go through the difficult times and take on a new fresh look for 2022.....

In Oct 2021,we redecorated the cook house and shower rooms..

The academy keeps making improvement on school facilities to offer best environment for the students.

In 2021,Shaolin Kung Fu Master Sun Presented on CCTV.

Recently,our Kung Fu Masters were invited to present on CCTV to perform.

On September 21 ,2021,Celebrate Chinese Traditional Holiday

We celebrate traditional Holiday Mid-Autumn Festival with students as usual.

The Benefits of Shaolin Kung Fu Martial Arts | Chinese Kunyu Academy

Click here to discover the benefits of Shaolin Kung Fu and see how its teachings and exercises are still relevant today.

In 2021 Summer Movie "Kung Fu " is filmed in the academy.

Some of students and Masters participate in filming making

The 10 Styles of Chinese Kung Fu

Click here to learn about the 10 styles of Chinese Kung Fu, from the ancient Shaolin Kung Fu to the mesmerizing Tai Chi.

In August 2021,Master Guo Xinming’s disciple ceremony was hosted.

Master Guo's disciple - Simon Che Kai Lo learnt Chinese traditional Kung fu for 3 years.

In June 2021, Our Four Masters were Awarded the Honor .

Our four masters have been awarded the honor of "100 martial artists for their outstanding contributions" in Yantai.

In June 2021,a hundred people visited us for study activities.

More than 100 people came to us for enterprise group spirit building and study activities.

Master Gao's Disciple Ceremony in 2021

Master Gao's disciple -Russell from UK and trained Chinese Kung fu with his Master for One Year and Half

Kunyu academy won the award of excellent organization

​In January 2021,the academy won the award of excellent organization by Yantai Martial arts association and government.

On Dec 24 ,2020 we celebrated Christmas in academy,also attended school translator' wedding ceremony

We wish all Merry Christmas and happy new year.The 2020 is a really tough year for everyone,but the difficulty is temporary and will eventually pass.

In Dec 2020,we replaced all windows into best quality ones.

We changed all the single-layer glass with three-layer warm-up glasses for all the building's windows to ensure the good temperature of room especially in winter with heating system for students.

In Oct 2020,Taking part in Kung Fu performing

In October 2020,We did Kung Fu performance in Muping 13th Martial arts Invitation Competition

In 2020 Sep- Ceremony was for Theo who has trained here for One Year and Half.

2020 Sep:Traditional Disciple ceremony was for Theo who will train traditional kung fu for two years in Kunyu Mountain Shaolin academy.

On August 29th, 2020,we achieved good records in the 17th Kung Fu competition.

With the completing 17th Yantai International Kung Fu competition 2020,we achieved excellent records, 24 gold medals in total. Click see more.

Here is the specific address to the academy in English

China Kunyu Mountain Shaolin Martial Arts Academy

Kunyu mountain Natural Conservation District, Yantai City, Shandong Province, China. Postal Code: 264100

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Learn traditional Shaolin martial arts and Chinese culture in Sacred Kunyu mountain,birthplace of Taoism.

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