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  News for 2020

 In January 8th 2020,Chinese Martial arts was finally listed as the official event of the Olympic Games by international Olympic Committee meeting held in Lausanne, Switzerland.

 This Year,Coastal city Yantai we located is awarded ranking 1st for the most suitable mankind residences in China regarding on her culture based as well as the environment ,climate and air condition.

                                          News for 2019

On Dec 24th,We celebrated Chrismas together click here to take a look.

 On Dec 20th,Christmas is around the corner. Happy Christmas and New year to all.Kunyu mountain academy is also about to welcome the 17th year of development. We believe that everyone had experienced ups and downs in 2019,as long as you stick to a positive and upward mentality to react and grow, the sun will wave to you. Besides,this year,we have made further improvements in teaching and facilities, including replacing all heating equipment, doors and so forth, and we will continue to make efforts.

 Best wishes to all again and All the best.  click here to take a look.

 On October 21, We (24 students)were invited to attend the closing ceremony of Tsing Dao 2019 World Sports Conference was held in Tsing Dao Laixi Sports center lasted for six months with 1000 wonderful sports and leisure events held, including hiking carnival, international martial arts festival, drone race, international marathon, etc.

 In Oct, 31 students were invited to attend TaiChi health care conference held in Weihai city to perform.Have fun.

 On Oct 19,we attended Yinchuan Kung Fu Cultural Festival held in NingXia   province achieved 11 gold, 2 silver and 2 copper, as well as the military ethics Fashion Award and the best performance award awarded by Ningxia sanda association in traditional martial arts boxing,&weapons,Chi kung.

 In  Sep 13 2019,Celebrating Chinese second largest holiday,Mid-autumn festival.

 We invested 38,000 USD to have replaced the whole heating system for winter with larger &higher efficiency including standard rooms building as well as the new building's,and all gates of school in order to offer best Kungfu living environment for students.See more on Facebook 

 In Aug 28 2019,we gained 17 gold medals, 12 silver ones (including 6 collective medals), 6 bronze medals, 2 excellent medals with certificates(A total of 29 medals, 42 individual certificates,one collective medal framework medal) in Traditional Shaolin Kung fu,Wing chun,Tai Chi,ect in Worldwide Kung Fu Festival held in our neighboring also coastal city, Tsing Dao city.

● On Aug 8,Yantai 16th international Martial arts Festival,we are awarded 57 Gold prize,12 silver and win two individual all-round title cup.Besides that,five students competed the Sanda Championship, four won and one draw.

 ● On July 26 to 28,we attended “FuXi cup” international Tai Chi &Chi Kung competition held in XiAn city,Shanxi Province,which achieved 18 gold prize,25 silver,8 copper prize in traditional Tai Chi,Shaolin,weapsons,Wing chun,Baji,Chi kung,etc.Click here to see more and students feedback.

 On April 11 to 13,2019,Ten students attended 17th HongKong International Martial arts Compeition(We have been attended for four times) winning 20 gold prize,3silver,and take 2 bronze in 25 competing items .

 ● On March 29 and 30,2019,we participated in the first session Yantai city Cultural Festival in Yantai Development Zone and Kunyu Mountain Nine Dragon Pool Scenic Area.

 ● On Feb 5,2019,it is Chinese biggest holiday,spring festival,and we celebrated this great day together.we've officially entered the Year of The Pig.Best wishes for all.See this link for celebration.

 ● We are updating the International Excellent Students List from latest year 2014-2018,and their average learning length is about One Year and Half.(Their longest study length is five years course)The list include their Name,Nationality as well as emails respectively.See this link for details.

                                          News for 2018

● On Dec 23:Dear All,we wish you a merry Christmas and a happy new year 2019 sincerely! We'll celebrate as usual together.Welcome the bright new year with love filled.Click here to see the celebration and party .    

● In Nov 2018,we rebuilt all toilet rooms,click here to see more .    

●  On October 26th to 28th, the 43 students of us completed  8th Traditional Kung fu competition held in TsingDao in competing 56 items in Shaolin,Wingchun,Taichi,Chinese kickboxing,forms,weapons,etc,we achieved 15 gold medal,20 silver and 21 copper ones.    

● In September 2018,we completed the International Traditional Tai Chi Competition in Weihai city. .    

● In August,2018,more than 30 students from Kunyu academy took part in 15th Chinese Traditional Martial arts Competition held in Yantai, including various Kungfu routine competitions and exciting Sanda Competition,we achieved 46 gold and 3 silver prize.In Chinese kickboxing competition,five of the students joined and get 4 gold and one silver prize.      

● In order to offer best environment and living condition for our students ,we have finished the redecoration of academy,such as re-pave the land and the road of front Gate ,enlarged Environmental protection solar energy system,purchase new training Weapons and Sandbags,installed new lamps and replace old sockets,etc.Click here to see more.    .    

● In May 2018,it's the 4th time for American school(branch in China) to return to explore traditional Gongfu and Chinese culture.       .    

● On March 18th 2018 ,Five students attended the 16th International Marital arts Festival held in Hongkong,and we achieved seven gold,2 silver,1 copper prize .    

                                                      News for 2017

 Seasons Greetings and A very Happy New Year of 2018!How time flies! Hope everyone has achieved their goals of 2017 and have a new bright future in 2018 .Merry Christmas & Happy New Year to all friends!Wishing you and your family happiness &health throughout the New Year.See more here.         

In September 25th, we attended Zeng Zi birthplace international Kung fu competition was held in Jiaxiang of Shandong province and achieved seven gold ,five silver and eight bronze prize.In addition,two champions from Chinese kickboxing.See more at here.     

 In August 25th 2017,we joined the Fifth two sides International Kung fu competition in  Heze city of Shandong province and won six gold and two silver prize.See more at here              

  In Aug 2017,30 students from kunyu academy joined the fourteenth Yantai International Martial arts Festival,and we achieved a total of 39 medals, including 35 gold medals (containing 6 gold medals in Sanda), 4 Silver medals.See more at here.            

 From June 9 to 11,2017.Our 49 students competed in the International Martial arts Championship Competition in NanJing City of JiangSu province.We achieved 59 golden prize,25 silver prize,14 bronze prize. 
  In May 2017,it was the 3rd time for Shanghai American school (include three teachers and 17 students) to  experience traditional kungfu and its spirits here.  

   In March ,French student Yann studied kung fu for One YEAR and Half till 2017 March here and became a normal disciple of Master Guo of kunyu mountain academy.Click here to see the School disciple Ceremony Program.         
 From March 17 to March 19 2017 ,Seven students from Kunyu mountain academy attended the 15th International Chinese Kung fu Championship held in Hongkong,and won a total of 7 gold ,4 Silver ,and 2 copper prize .


                                                      -------News for 2016-------


 On Dec 24,2016,Christmas and new year 2017 is coming ,Merry Christmas & Happy New Year.We celebrated with students and have a great feast together,and we prepared a gift for the students who spent Christmas here.   

It is amazing year for 2016 and we finished all the training program and  several big competitions successfully with great scores.Thank you for all students supports and efforts.  

In October 2016,we took part in the international traditional Kung fu Festival held by Qingdao city and finished successfully,and we achieved 33 golden medals,11 silver medals and five bronze here to see more.    
In Oct 2016,We participated the performance of international Exhibition of Yantai ctiy .click here to see more.

In September 2016,more than fifty students attended  international traditional martial arts competition held by TaiZhou city of ZheJian Province.We got the first place of total points and achieved Outstanding contribution award and civil Chi kung stunt excellent performance,achieved 6 trophies ,69 medals include 39 Golden Medals... Click to see in details. And see the Video in Youtube.    
In August 2016,We participated international traditional martial arts Festival held by local Yantai city,we achieved great here to see more.    
●In July 2016,some of students and masters performed amazing Shaolin martial arts in academy.We perform each July to celebrate the school anniversary.And Click here to see full Shaolin performance video of 30 mins in Youtube.    
In July 2016,the academy attended the international traditional Kung fu competition held by Changsha city of HuNan province and achieved good records include Family group attending,click here to see more.    
On June 1st,two new traditional Masters joined us.One is Chen Style Tai Chi master who originally come from the birthplace of Taiji Chuan,Chen family village,and another one is traditional internal master of Xingyi Chuan.    
From May 9 to May 15 of 2016,the group of American school branch in China returned to train again,they benefited a lot from Chinese culture and traditional Shaolin kung fu. Click here to see more in details.

In May 2016,We participated the Big kung fu performance in Taoism Temple held by Kunyu mountain include Shaolin forms performing,Shaolin weapon,Tai Chi,Wudang,Wing chun,Hard Chi kung,etc.and we finished successfully.

In May 2016,We took part in the third time Chinese  Martial arts Comptition in Horse Island of Yantai City  invited by The Cup of "Long Quan Yu Gate" (Horse Island is very famous in Shandong Province with long history and culture) .    
In April 2016,our students took part in the large-scale public welfare Love activities "Raise the sun of tomorrow" held by volunteer of Hua Ting book academy in Yantai city.    
In April 2016,our Our Kunyu mountain shaolin academy is awarded as Advanced Excellent School by Sports Educational Bureau of Yantai city for Five consecutive years from 2011 to 2016 Year.Certificate is as followed:
excellent school

News for 2015  

 On Dec 24 2015,All school staff and masters of kunyu mountain spent a great dinner with the students to celebrate a brilliant and happy Christmas Days.    

The new year 2016 is coming ,all the school staff would like to send best wishes, Merry Christmas & Happy New Year to you and your loved ones, we hope you have a most happy and prosperous New Year.
On September 16 and 17,2015,About 30 students and masters of kunyu academy attended the “Fujing Agriculture Cup” of the international Martial arts Championship of Qingdao city to compete,and achieved excellent records of 12 gold medal and 6 silver medal and 7 bronze medal in traditional Shaolin Chuan,weapon (single sword,double sword,staff etc),Wing chun Chuan,Wudang,Mantis boxing,Xingyi and Baji,as well as Fourth place of Shaolin Group Award,Fifth place of Baji group and Sixth place of Wing chun Group awards.(There are more than 27 foreign countries in total joined this famous international Martial arts Championship of Qingdao to compete.) Click here to see more in details :     

On August 8th,2015,our students  achieved 20 gold medal and one silver medal in the Traditional shaolin martial arts academy in Yantai city, besides,our student got a championship in a Chinese kickboxing competition.

 In May,the school staff and students donated more than 3000 RMB for Nepal earthquake.    

On April 2015,our students took part in martial ars festival held by Kunyu mountain and finished successfully  .

In March 2015,we added two masters,one is a professional Tai chi master with rich Taiji theory and teaching experiences,another is traditional Shaolin & Mantis boxing master.    

On March 28 2015,our students achieved 10 gold medal and 9 silver medal and 2 bronze medal in traditional shaolin kungfu,Wing Chun,Tai Chi & Baji in the International Chinese Martial Arts Competitions in Hongkong,the beauty of the Pearl of the Orient.That is the third time to participate. 

 In February 2015,we are awarded as "Advanced school in spiritual and cultural progress" honorary title by the local government for many times,see the photo below:

excellent kung fu school   


---Updated News for 2014---     

On Dec 24,2014,Christmas and new year is coming,Merry Christmas & Happy New Year.Our students had a great dinner with school masters to celebrate this holiday,and each of you got a gift from academy.                

Looking back this year 2014,it is unforgettable and amazing.We finished all kinds of training task successfully,(Got more than 20 returning students include family groups with positive reviews),and we will continue to improve our academy, furthermore,our students attended seven big traditional competitions(include held by Hongkong, Beijing, Dalian Yantai) and achieved excellent records.Thank you for all students supports and efforts.Best wishes in 2015 and hope everybody show more love and may it bring health and the best of luck for you and your family.    


In Oct ,2014 ,Our students joined  International traditional martial arts Festival held by Dalian city and  achieved golden medal.                


In order to offer more comfortable living room for students,the new accommodation building are under construction,then,the new building for students living room will be single room with independent bathroom and western toilet for each room,and will complete in about June 2015 .New students can start to book it!  Click to see their position in details.



In August ,2014 ,Our students took part in  the  International Chinese Exchange of martial arts Festival held in Beijing,the capital city of China,and achieved excellent records.    

In July 28 and August 8,2014 ,we arranged students to participate the International  traditional shaolin kung fu competitions held by Yantai city  respectively twice.(Yantai city is the city we located),and got very good records.    

In end of July,2014,school masters held   Big Shaolin martial arts performance  in academy that held every year for School Anniversary,and finished successfully.    


In May ,we will join the traditional Martial arts competition held by Muping of Yantai city.

In May 1,Chinese Labour Day,Some of students and masters to take part in the Kung fu performance held by Kunyu mountain and finished successfully.

In April,We added a New shaolin master and another new teacher who are highly skilled at acupuncture and massage,and inherit them.

In March 2014,the academy took part in traditional martial arts competitions held in Hongkong ,and got five gold medal,and five silver medal,and finished successfully.

In February,We added a New Older master with many years teaching experiences,he focus on teaching Mantis Boxing,Bagua and Xingyi Chuan.


-------- Updated News for 2013 ---------    


On Dec 24,Christmas and new year is coming,here,we'd like to send best wishes,Merry Christmas & Happy New Year.Thank you for all support and caring for Kunyu Mountain Shaolin Martial Arts Academy.

 This year we are dedicating to improve our teaching and students training environment,and received lots of positive reviews from our students,and students got excellent recordes from several traditional shaolin kung fu competitions we attended.



In Christmas Eve and new year,all the school staff and students will celebrate Christmas together and have a great dinner.


In Oct to Nov 2013,the school participated Shaolin international Martial arts Festival in Los Angeles of USA.If the students (as well as previous students) wants to join,please contact with us. School Email :

In Sep 2013,the school held the big kung fu performance performed by Chinese masters and some students of Kunyu mountain Shaolin kung fu academy which held every year,and finished successfully.

In August 2013,Master was invited International Shaolin martial arts competition in Singapore as Judge.

In July and August 2013 respectively,we took part in the International Traditional martial arts competitions held by Yantai city twice,and completed successfully and got great records.

In June 2013,a professional older master (sixty years old) joined us,who is highly skilled at traditional Shaolin kung fu and plum blossom Chuan.

May 2013,school masters and some of the students performed Chinese martial arts for "Spring Outing Festival" that held by Kunyu mountain Taoism Temple we located.

School Staff and students donated more than 8000 RMB to show love heart and support for the earthquake areas in southern China SiChuan province in 2013 April. 

From April 5 to April 9,2013,Kunyu mountain shaolin martial arts academy sent some of students to participate in Hongkong international Martial Arts Championship alonging with headmaster,and completed the competitions successfully and achieved excellent records of 11 gold medal and 6 silver medal and 1 bronze medal.

---- Updated News for 2012 ---    

The year 2012 is an extraordinary year along with“it is the end year of earth” of all kinds of rumor, anyway,we have been spent this year smoothly ,we had losing and harvest as well.Standing at the new beginning of year,we wish each friend have new beginning and fantastic plan of 2013.Merry Christmas and Happy new year.

●In mid of November 2012,the school and Chinese government held the Art Performances Show together inside school to celebrate the 18th Communist Party of China National Congress.

●In October,2012,we received the invitation from Dalian city martial arts association ,we sent some students to take part in the traditional international martial arts Festival held by Dalian city,and got excellent records.

●In September 2012,there are big Shaolin kung fu Performance Show performed in Vienna in Austria held by original shaolin Temple,the shaolin Abbot Shi Yong Xin will take part in as well,if you are interested in participating,please contact with us.  
●In July 28 and August 8,2012 respectively,some of masters and students took part in the International Traditional kung fu competitions held by Yantai city for twice,and completed the competitions successfully and  achieved excellent records. Meanwhile,in August,the school held the big Kung fu performance show performed by all masters of Kunyu mountain Shaolin martial arts academy once a year.
In July 10,the beautiful natural waterfall and lake (very near to academy) in Kunyu mountain are running again since big rain,that will run last till autumn,the students can swim and enjoy the cool summer after one day kungfu training.  Click here to see the picture of waterfall&lake.

●In June 2012,we added two professional masters who teach traditional Shaolin combat & Sanda(Chinese kickboxing)and Shaolin kung fu.

In May 2012,headmaster donated 10000 RMB to help Chinese poor area to build elementary school.

In April 2012,headmaster Shi Xing Qing and Master Guo are awarded the 24th-generation descendant of Chinese most famous Bing Jia Secret Skills Senior Internal kung fu by Jin Gang Li Gong association.(Bing Jia means military strategist in ancient China ) Click here to see the certificates .

In April 2012,the kung fu masters and some of the students of school performed Shaolin Kung Fu in "Spring Outing Festival ", that held by Kunyu mountain Natural Forest Park we located.

●In February 2012,a new Traditional Kung Fu forms master joined us,who is forty-eight years old,he teaches plum blossom Chuan,Tai Chi Chuan as well as shaolin kung fu.


-- Updated News for 2011 --    


We wish everyone Merry Christmas & Happy 2012 New Year,hope every student here benefited a lot mentally and physically during the kung fu training here and have a amazing life plan in the new year 2012.


●On August 25,2011, international shaolin kung fu competitions held in Yantai,nearly 20 students and masters joined each time and completed the competitions successfully and achieved excellent grades.



●In August,2011,we organized some of masters and students for  Chinese martial arts performing inside academy .Meanwhile,we organized the students to take part in the Traditional Shaolin Kung Fu Competition held in Yantai twice.



●On June 15,2011,a new Shaolin Kung fu master joined Kunyu Mountain Shaolin martial arts academy.


●April 23,2011 is one of the biggest holidays for kunyu mountain we located,Spring Outing Festival,during the ceremony of the Festival,some of  masters and students performed Kung Fu.



●On March 1,We established Kunyu Mountain Martial Arts Academy Fund Box formally to help those people who need.


●In Feb 22,2011,the city we located,Yantai city,was formulated as Blue Economic and Technological Development Zone by National Authorities.



●In February,2011,two new masters joined the shaolin kung fu academy.


●On Jan 1,2011,Kunyu mountain the school located has been classified Natural Habitat Conservation Area by Chinese government.


 Updated News for 2010    

We wish all of you Merry Christmas & Happy 2011 New Year,thank you for all caring for kunyu mountain shaolin kung fu academy,we are going very well this year and devoting ourselves to improving the training and environment at all times for the students.If applying bank loan is going to be successful next year,we will plan to build a multi-functional building that include students’ accommodation equipped with bathroom and western toilet inside each room,modern Chinese classroom and acupuncture & massage room.Hope everyone has a very good start in new year 2011.


●On Christmas eve 2010,we invited some local famous performers to academy to perform,they brought traditional Chinese fantastic show for the students to celebrate the Christmas and New Year.    

●On August 8,our eleven students and masters of school joined the shaolin martial arts competition and got excellent records.    

In July 2010,two new kung fu masters from shaolin temple joined our Shaolin kung fu academy.

●In July,2010 we  organized all masters in the academy for kung fu performance.

 In August 2010 ,the school  organized the students and masters to take part in two traditional martial arts competitions held in Yantai. 

●In April 1st,The academy increased some new Fitness equipments,such as leg stretching machine,Tai chi Ball,horizontal bar, parallel bars, leg and back massager,etc.

On March 10,2010,a new kung fu master,Shi yan Xin,joined our kung fu academy, the 32nd generation monk of shaolin temple, he was born in a kungfu family and started to learn Hong fist from his grandfather since he was very young. He is highly skills in Kung fu with rich teaching experiences.


 News for 2009    

 ●The new year 2010 is coming ,all the school staff would like to send best wishes, Merry Christmas & Happy New Year, to all of you caring for Kunyu  Mountain Shaolin Martial Arts Academy.

The year 2009 is a uncommon year due to global financial crisis, I think everyone experienced some things ,hope everything is going well and good luck in 2010. Our academy had been improved a lot in this year ,including the improvements and constructions of many fields, and we will go on making every effort to improve the school.

On December 10, the wooden floor had been installed in the new training hall.

On November 25,the academy has installed the heat system in the new training hall ,so the students can train in the warm training hall during the cold day.

On October 22,the famous director&actor, Mr.Chen Guo Qiang (who impersonated President Mao Zedong before) invited our students as supporting actor in the new TV Play ,The East.

●Kunyu Mountain Shaolin Martial Arts Academy performed extremely well during both  the Chinese Kick Boxing competition held at the academy and the 2009  China Yantai International Martial Arts  Festival held in Yantai, China. The academy’s three Chinese Kick Boxing competitors exceeded expectation by winning each of their fights against the Russian team. The result itself is very encouraging for all the students and working staff of the academy.

Sanda Competition of Yantai International Traditional Martial Arts Festival Will Be Held in Our Academy on August 8th 2009.Students From All Over the World Will Come to Take Part in.

●End of July,2009 all masters in the academy will perform.

●July and August 2009 the school will attend two traditional martial arts competition separately in Yantai.

●May,2009 the school organized students ,masters and translators for a nice trip to Laoshan in Qingdao.

●May,2009,We built a sand playground for training and more training equipment will be placed there.


Updated News for 2008    

●January,2009. To commence the new year 2009,we would like to thank and send best wishes to all thoughts involved with  Kunyu Mountain Shaolin Martial Arts Academy. 

We are proud to say that in the new year, the school will undergo refurbishments. For example refurbishments of toilets and shower rooms. More training equipments will be purchased and the training space will be enlarged.  Also with the addition of a academy library.

●October 26th, 2008, we renovated all the students’ rooms, including painting walls and fitted new wooden floors. Moreover, the academy bought some new computers and other new equipment in order to make the Internet room as efficient as an Internet bar.

●About the visa issue: From October 19th 2008 the academy started again to extend the visa according to the students’ request and time of stay here. (The Chinese government set some restrictions on long term foreign visas during the Olympics.)

●October 1st, 2008, two students of the academy, French student Bernard and English student Chris participated in The Third China Dalian Traditional Martial Arts Festival, and they both ranked in the first place.

●September 13th, 2008, three masters and eight students of the academy participated in The First Muping District Martial Arts Cultural Festival, and we got six golds and two silvers.

●August 26th, 2008, two masters and five students of the academy participated in The Fifth Yantai City Traditional Martial Arts Competition, and we got five golds and two silvers.

●In mid June 2008, the academy organized all the masters, translators and other working staff to donate money,about 6000 RMB,to the Sichuan community who were suffering from the disastrous earthquake that happened on May the 12th.
 ● In mid July, 2008, the academy will organize all the masters to give a grand demonstration.

● In July 2008, some masters and students of the academy took part in a traditional competition held in Yantai.

● April 26th, 2008, the academy gave a performance on the opening ceremony of the nearby Taoist temple at their invitation.

 ● May 17th,2008, the academy started to use a big new dining hall.

●  On March 28th, 2008, the construction work of the new training room ( the heaters will be ready before winter comes), the new indoor Sanda sparring ring and the new outdoor traditional form stage will be completed and well equipped. The academy is able to provide more accommodation and training space after the reconstruction.

 A new central outdoor, performance stage is to be constructed, modeled on traditional Chinese martial arts style and approved to Chinese government standards. Additionally a new indoor Sanda sparring ring is also to provide and both facilities will be completed and ready for use in May 2008.    

 News for 2007     

 ●December 2007, the academy purchased another existing 2000㎡ building and the land on which it is sited, on its boundary, which will begin use as an additional training facility later this month.
 ●In late November 2007, the academy built a new heated multi-shower and changing room.    

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