Meet our Shaolin Kung Fu Masters

Our students train with professional Chinese martial art masters here. Shaolin Kung Fu masters are warrior Shaolin monks from the original Chinese Shaolin temple.

For other Kung Fu styles, such as Wing Chun , Tai Chi, Chi Kung, Wu dang, Xingyi, Bagua, Baji, Mantis Boxing, and Sanda (Chinese kickboxing), are taught by highly skilled, top masters with many years of teaching experience.

Our shaolin masters’ names are reserved in a traditional shaolin temple list. In order to maintain high kung fu training standards and performance, our Shaolin kung fu academy reviews the masters’ and translators’ professional skills annually.

The ranking system at Shaolin Temple has 9 levels. The ninth level is the highest someone can achieve in Shaolin Gong Fu. The level can only be awarded after a lifetime of commitment to it. However, if you are determined enough and willing to study for 3 years, you can attain a middle rank of either level three or four.

Masters (Shifu) listed below are traditional Kung Fu masters skilled in the ancient art of Chinese martial arts and historical theory and philosophy:


  Headmaster Shi Xing Qing

▪️ Top Tai Chi and Chi Kung Master in China 

▪️ 32nd generation Shaolin Warrior Monk

▪️12th-generation descendant of Chinese Chen Style Tai Chi Chuan

▪️ 24th-generation descendant of Chinese Chi Kung - Jin Gang Li Gong

▪️ Chinese Martial Arts 7th Level- Awarded by the China Martial Arts Association

▪️ Famous Master in Shaolin Martial Arts Honorary title

▪️Approximately 23 years of Kung Fu teaching experience in Various Kung Fu Disciplines

▪️Committed to the world promotion of Chinese traditional Kung Fu culture  .

Brief Introduction: He studied at the original Shaolin Temple from an early age and studied Kung Fu there for a long time, becoming highly skilled in traditional Shaolin Kung Fu, various weapons, and Shaolin sparring techniques. Besides Shaolin Kung Fu, the headmaster also specialises in Tai Chi (Chen and Yang Style), Chi Kung, and other Internal Kung Fu, Xing Yi and Ba Gua Palm as well as Mantis Boxing - Our location Yantai city is the birthplace of Mantis boxing . He has been doing extensive research on Chen style Tai Chi for the past decades. 

In 1997, Master Xing Qing was sent to help the Chinese government with the restoration of the Southern Shaolin Monastery. After that, Qing traveled all over the world in order to share knowledge with various different styles masters globally and teach Chinese Kung Fu. In the 1st China Shaolin Kung Fu competition, he took first place in Shaolin broadsword and sword forms. In the National Martial Arts Tournament of 1995 year, he won the championship in the 70kg open combat categories that competitors allowed to fight with the style of their choice. In 1996, Qing won the championship in the 75kg open fighting categories and took first place in Shaolin Leopard form in a Chinese martial arts competition held by Liaoning province. He also took part in many other competitions and got great records..In April 2012,he was awarded the 24th-generation descendant of Chinese most famous Bing Jia Secret Skills Senior Internal kung fu by Jin Gang Li Gong federation.In Oct 2016,he achieved 12th-generation descendant of Chinese Chen Style Tai Chi Chuan. 

Headmaster is awarded “ Famous Master in Shaolin Martial Arts ”by Henan Dengfeng Shaolin Federation in 2017 Year. Click here for his Kung Fu Certificates and Degree  

Besides these achievements, he is Administrative Vice President of the Kunyu Mountain Cultural Research Federation and Vice Managing Deputy President of the Yantai City Martial Arts Association and Deputy of the National People’s Congress of Yantai

Wing chun master of Kunyu mountain shaolin martial arts academy

Master GuoRanked at level 8.Top Chi Kung and Wing Chun Master. Wing chun, Tai Chi, Chi kung,Wudang and BaJi master. Coming from a traditional Chinese kung Fu family. He has been teaching Chinese martial arts for  over 30 years and practicing for 40 years around. With strong morals and a friendly personality, he's excellent at Wing Chun, Baji, Tai Chi, Wudang, Shaolin internal strength finger, war sword, black dragon, big pole & nunchaku as well as Karate. He also has Chin’na unique skills. He professionalize in the release of the inner strength that is essential in creating a skillful defense and attack. Guo is the successor of the famous traditional internal subject who has managed to successfully break the flagstone half placed on a block of bean curd, which has been documented extensively by the media. Due to a deep understanding in the activity, he created his own Chi Kung styles, which has successfully been listed in National Martial Arts Committee. He is a long participant of the domestic and global martial arts competitions, and Guo has gained a huge reputation and won many prizes.  He won second place in the 1993 Chi Kung and martial arts competition by leg power. In 1994, he attended the oriental health exposition opening ceremony and was awarded a Special Contribution Award. At the same time, he was also invited to Japan for academic exchanges and to teach Kung Fu. 

In 1995, he won first place in the Exchange performance Sino-Japan Chi Kung Plus Martial Arts Congress, which were held in Dalian.  He was later sent by the Chinese Martial Arts Managing Center in 1997 to visit Algeria and provide a kung fu performance with a delegation Chinese martial arts performance group.  In 2005, he reached the height of Kung Fu competitions when he scored first in the inner strength national competitions. In April 2012, Master Guo are awarded 24th-generation descendant of Chinese most famous Bing Jia Secret Skills Senior Internal kung fu by Jin Gang Li Gong association.He is vice secretary-general of Kunyu mountain cultural research association.

Master Shi Yan Po | Shaolin martial arts and Mantis boxing

34th generation monk of Song Mountain Shaolin Temple. At the temple, he learned traditional Shaolin Gong Fu for two decades . He is currently ranked at level 7 and has many years' experience teaching Kung fu to foreigners and natives. Master Po is especially skilled in traditional Shaolin martial arts forms and applications and combat as well as Pray mantis Boxing and Taichi.


In addition to rich teaching experiences, he has participated in many international performances. Among other performances, he participated in Shaolin monk demonstration in England, America, and France in 1993. It was at this period that he also taught Chinese Shaolin kung fu to foreign students.During the 3rd national Shaolin competition, he was crowned the winner for Shaolin Luo Han. He was also leading in his staff routine and ranked second for his sword routine.

 In his early teenage years, he won the top prize in Shaolin fist, spear and Da Mo sword form at the teenager Martial Arts competition held in the He'nan province. During the International Traditional Martial Arts competitions 2011 held in Yantai, Master Yan Bo achieved  1st position in Shaolin Spear. It was a double win for him in the even that took place on July 24 and August 8 that year. In the September 2015 “Fujing Agriculture Cup” of the International Martial arts Championship of Qingdao city, he received first place in Mantis boxing and double hands sword. In the 2016 traditional Martial Arts competition held by Yantai in August, he achieved first place in Tai Chi, plum blossom Mantis, and Mantis Zhai Yao Yi Lu respectively.

Master Xu | Traditional Shaolin Kung Fu and Tai Chi Master

He learnt Shaolin Kung fu and Mei Hua Chuan (plum blossom Chuan of Shaolin ) from famous Master when he was young, and continued to study further his plum blossom & ChiNa skills with Great Master Gao. In 2003, he spent several years in Tai Chi Chuan 's birthplace, learning additional Chen-style Tai Chi and Push Hands.  Master Xu has high skills in Shaolin Plum Blossom Chuan, single sword, Chen style TaiChi, Spring-autumn broadsword, nine-section Whip and Pray Mantis boxing and other traditional martial arts forms.  At the Six Nations Traditional Martial Arts Competition in Fuzhou, Fujian Province, in June 1995, he took first place in the plum blossom & double whip.  At the 2009 National Tai Chi Competition in Henan Province, he was awarded 1st place in Tai Chi Quan and 2nd place in Sword.  In 2009, he participated in the national plum blossom competition in Shandong province. He was No. 1 in weapons and No. 2 in punches.  In Aug 2011 World Taiji festival in Henan province, and Got championship in Spring-autumn broadsword & 2nd in Tai Chi LaoJia Forms.  In July and Aug of 2012 traditional Kung fu competitions held by Yantai, he got 1st place in Big Sword and Taiji respectively.  In two international shaolin festivals held in Yantai City in July & August 2013, he placed first in Plum Blossom Chuan, Shaolin Big Sword & Tai Chi.  In Yantai Martial Arts Festival 2014 July, Wining first prize in Plum Blossom Quan & Tai Chi sword. In August, he took the 1st place at the Xingyi and Spring Autumn Sword.  In National 11th martial arts competitions in Nanjing, he got 2nd place in Gongguan broadsword and Xingyi, and first place in plum blossom Chuan.  In the 2015 International Martial Arts Championship in Qingdao City in September, he took first place in the Xingyi and Big Sword categories.  In March 2016, he placed 1st in Shaolin Weapons and Forms respectively at the National Traditional Chinese Martial Arts Festival in KaiFeng City, Hennan.  This April of XinXiang city(Henan province) international martial arts Festival, he got first place in double whip and Xing Yi.  In August 2017, he won the gold medal in the double-whip and silver medal in the Xing Yi at the 14th National Kungfu Competition in Cangzhou, Hebei province.In May 2023,The 17th National Martial Arts  Competition was held in Siping city of Jilin Province,he awarded first place in Shaolin weapon(Sword and whip).

Master Shi Yan Cheng | Shaolin and Chinese kickboxing

34th Shaolin warrior monks. He started to study Sanda plus traditional Chinese Kung Fu at Shaolin Monastery at a very young age. During his study, he earned many championships of various Shaolin Chuan and kickboxing competitions. He's very skilled in traditional shaolin kung fu Chuan and its applications and Sanda. He is also an expert with different shaolin weapons, including the spear and sword, spear and staff, Chi kung, and many others.

In 2006 at the International Shaolin Martial Art Festival held at the city of Zhengzhou, he received first place. Two years later in 2008, he participated in shaolin performance in a Xin Zheng ancestry big ceremony successfully. The following year in 2009, Cheng got again a first place in 56kg combat categories at a kickboxing competition that had been held at the city of Dengfeng of Henan province. Yan Cheng has been a shaolin martial arts master at one of the biggest kung fu schools that taught kung fu since 2010.

In 2013, at international shaolin martial arts competitions that were held Yantai, Master Cheng earned number one in Chinese walking stick. He won first prize in Shaolin Mantis (shaolin animal style) at Traditional Martial Arts, the competitions held by Yantai city in July 2014. He also received first place in Shaolin Damo sword in another kung fu festival in Aug 2014. He earned first place in Shaolin Mantis Chuan “Fujing Agriculture Cup” of the International Martial Arts Championship of Qingdao City 2015. In a traditional kung fu competition held by Yantai in Aug of 2016, he achieved first place in Shaolin Jin Gang Forms.In Aug 2017 Traditional martial arts competition in Yantai ,Master Yan Chen got the first place in Shaolin Mantis.

Xingyi &Chi kung&Mantis Master Traditional Master Shi

Born in 1957, at a very younger age, he followed a Chinese folk famous master, learning Xingyi Chuan, northern praying Mantis boxing, and Xin Yi form. Master Shi dedicates his entire life to improve Xingyi Chuan and its development; he also has very strong will, combining good moral character and honesty with kindness. He possesses a deep understanding for Chinese Xingyi quan. Xingyi Chuan is one of the most famous three Internal kung fu in China, they are Xingyi , Bagua and Tai chi Chuan. Highly skilled in Xing yi Quan; Animal style: tiger form, horse , and monkey; Chuan, mantis style, cannon boxing, and internal Chi kung (healing one). Master has lots of teaching experiences and deep theory.

In August 2012, at the Shandong Yantai Traditional Martial Arts Tournament, he was awarded first place for group. In 2011, at the Shandong Province Traditional Wushu Festival, he was awarded the second place in Xing Yi Chuan. In September 2010, during the Yantai traditional Martial Arts competition, he won first place in traditional Chinese Chuan. In 2009, at the  traditional Kung fu competition in Henan province, he was awarded the first prize for traditional Xingyi Chuan.In September 2016, during the Zhe Jiang province traditional Kung Fu competition in Taizhou city, he achieved number one placement in traditional Xing Yi Za Style and got the golden prize in Xingyi XinYiJue style..

Master Shi Heng Peng | Shaolin Kung fu ,Mantis boxing,and Shaolin weapons

Shi Heng Peng,Disciple of Shaolin temple, who studied Kung Fu at an early age, was diligent and talented in Chinese martial arts. Graduated from Kunyu mountain Traditional martial arts academy,he studied the theory of the application of martial arts assiduously and participated in many martial arts competitions during his studying in academy, and achieved excellent results. He is exceptional at various traditional shaolin forms, Shaolin boxing, Luo Han Chuan, Xiaohong Chuan, Dahong Chuan, Mantis boxing and Shaolin weapons, Shaolin sword, stick and so on.  The honors of the competition are as follows: 

In Aug ,2019,Yantai 8th international Martial arts Festival,he achieved number one in Shaolin Mantis" Lan Jie"  as well as Mantis weapon stick separately In 2019 July “FuXi cup” international Tai Chi &Chi Kung competition in XiAn ,he achieved gold prize in Shaolin Mantis"lan Jie" and Mantis stick separately.

In August 2017, Yantai International Kung Fu Festival men's Chinese kickboxing ,number one on 56kg .In July 2017 Taizhou Martial Arts and Supreme Competition in Zhejiang Province, first place in Shaolin Sword. 

June 2017 Nanjing Zijin Cup ,won first place in men's Shaolin Xiaohong Chuan, Shaolin sword respectively. 

In October 2016 Qingdao International Kung Fu Festival First place in Men's sword, Shaolin Quan respectively. China Yantai International Wushu Festival in August 2016,No. 1 in Shaolin Quan .

In July 2016, Hunan Xiangjiang International martial arts Festival ,Second palce in men's Shaolin Sword ,first place in Shaolin Chuan. May 2016 YangMa Island Martial Arts Competition,first record in Men's Shaolin Sword.

Master Zi Heng | Wing chun Chuan and Baji Chuan

At the age of 6, Began to learn martial arts for more than ten years. During this period, he also practiced Savate (French boxing) in France for about two years. After studying for a degree in  university, in 2011, he followed Master Guo in Shaolin martial arts academy of Kunyu Mountain for 8 years to study traditional Wing Chun, Baji and Chi Kung with dedication, as well as natural talent for studying ,he became Master Guo’s formal disciple . During the learning period, he participated in many domestic and foreign Martial arts competitions and achieved excellent results. Highly skilled at: Wing Chun and Baji Chuan. 

In Aug ,2019,Yantai 8th international Martial arts Festival,He gained Pentathlon Award .All gold medal in Wing Chun Bridge ,Eight Chopper Gold ,Baji XIAO JIA 2 ,Chen style Tai Chi Lao Jia er Lu ,and Miao Sword separately.

In 2019 July “FuXi cup” international Tai Chi &Chi Kung competition in XiAn ,First prize in Chen-style Taiji Laojia Second Route and 32 style Chen style Taichi.Second prize in collective boxing in Jin Gang Li Kong combat boxing .Gold Medal of air-cut slate and elbow breaking stick .

In Oc,2018,8th Traditional Kung fu competition held in TsingDao.Gold prize in Baji fist, won silver prize. Baji broadsword, silver June 2017,Nanjing zi jin Cup martial arts competition Taiji sword 32, gold prize.Baji xiao Jia 2, gold July 2016,international traditional Kung fu competition held by Changsha city of HuNan province,first place in Wing chun Xun Qiao. May 2016,The Cup of "Long Quan Yu Gate" gold prize in Wing chun Xiao nian tou.In September 2016,international traditional martial arts competition held by TaiZhou city of ZheJian Province ,silver prize in Biu Zhi.First place in Butterfly swords and Baji group form March 2015,13th Chinese kung fu Competitions held by Hongkong,won gold prize in Baji sparring form and Baji xiao Jia .Sep 2015,In Qingdao World Leisure Games 2015  gold prize in Baji Chuan and silver in Baji broadsword.

Master Sui Ancient Massage and Healing Chi kung Master

Master Sui, professional doctor,third generation of Great ancient Master of AN ChunRu.Sui is a traditional Massage  and Chi kung Master who has been working here as full time master for 5 years up to now.

He touched the Chinese medicine and ancient massage skills at a very young age.At the age of 18,he had been further studying with Sui Zhuo Qin for eight years,who is a great massage master.He also combined with Taoism Chi kung during the healing others,which works quite well.

He focus on the developing the unique skills on that and combine the ancient massage and Medical theory as well as keeping the balance of yin and Yang.

Master Sui is highly skilled on healing ancient master combined with Mastering Chinese medicine works as well as all sorts of Medical works,which hundreds of people benefited them a lot and got healed and cured.. 

Teacher:Mr.Liu Traditional Culture and Taoist Teacher.

Professional in Chinese traditional culture and Kunyu Mountain Taoist culture research.Mr.Liu has a comprehensive and systematic study in Chinese Confucianism, Buddhism and Taoist culture , especially in the Kunyu Mountain area where our school is located, with more than 10 years of on-the-spot investigation and follow-up research results,which has published more than 10 research monographs.  

In the course of teaching Taoist culture in our school, Mr. Liu has accumulated abundant teaching experience. In the teaching process, He uses outdoor on-the-spot explanation as the main method, while indoor theoretical study as the supplementary method. Based on the on-the-spot real objects, with vivid and interesting historical knowledge and legendary stories as the content, the students can understand it very well.    

Experiencing the feeling of immersion, deepen students' understanding of Chinese culture and Kunyu Mountain Taoism, experience the vastness and uniqueness of Chinese culture, this kind of teaching has been very welcomed by students.

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