Room and Meals at our school


Accommodations and food quality are taken very seriously at our school and seen as an important factor of successful training . All meals served satisfy the dietary needs of students and all rooms are designed to comfortably accommodate one to two students.During the winter,there are good heating system we offered for each room and training hall.

 Most cooking in the academy is done in Chinese fashion. In the morning, there is milk, porridge, bread, soybean milk and eggs. Lunch is also served in Chinese fashion and includes three dishes,one with meat, one vegetable dish, one egg dish, seafood, rice ,fried chips and soup,either egg,seafood or sweet,same as dinner. Our cooks also make Chinese dumplings and noodles once a week, fried fish,fried chicken,Chinese style bacon,Sweet and Sour Pork Tenderloin and seafood,fresh fruits,several times a week. The cook may also provide chilies for those who prefer them. There are also big feasts where the masters and students eat together. One of the greatest things located school is the daily and drinking water is from natural water drawn from a protected Spring of national park in the Kunyu Mountain.  This is the water that can drink directly from the tap.

Ps:We offer meals for vegetarians (15 vegetarian students are currently enrolled).

school dinner hall
School Dinner hall.

Dining Hall of 2015 Year

Foods for Vegetarian students.

School celebrating Festival with students.

The students buy fresh fruits from fruits garden of kunyu mountain near academy.

Accommodation For students.

There are  internet access available in academy.

We offer Free Wifi here with Fast internet Speed 100 megabytes.

Pictures of the student accommodation . There are heating system in each room during the winter.

student room 

Rebuilt new bathroom in November 2018 


New clean toilet room.

School New living room with bathroom  :

In order to offer more comfortable living room for students,we built the new building for students living room of single room or double room with independent bathroom and western toilet for each,and it was ready to use in June 2015.

If you are interested,you need to book the  new room with bathroom in advance,and you will pay extra for that,for details,you can email to academy directly.

New single & double room with bathroom inside

Each room with bathroom and toilet

The corridor each floor
The hall of new building for Chinese mandarin and message class teaching.

New living room building

    Why kunyu Mountain?
    Sacred and Peaceful Birthplace of Taoism Running for 16 Years Top Kung Fu masters. 1000+ Positive Reviews online. Small Group Classes Long-Term Visa Issued Free cultural Mandarin Class Free WiFi available Prize Competitions Many Kung Fu Styles Best Air quality in China Coastal city located Spring drinking water Issue Master certificate
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Rooms and Meals at our academy