Repave the road in front of academy

In order to offer best Kung Fu Training environment,we invested and repaved all the road in front of school gate and the Yard inside academy.

News for 2014 & 2013

2014 Updated News

On Dec 24,2014,Christmas and new year is coming,Merry Christmas & Happy New Year.Our students had a great dinner with school masters to celebrate this holiday,and each of you got a gift from academy.                

Looking back this year 2014,it is unforgettable and amazing.We finished all kinds of training task successfully,(Got more than 20 returning students include family groups with positive reviews),and we will continue to improve our academy, furthermore,our students attended seven big traditional competitions(include held by Hongkong, Beijing, Dalian Yantai) and achieved excellent records.Thank you for all students supports and efforts.Best wishes in 2015 and hope everybody show more love and may it bring health and the best of luck for you and your family.   

● In Oct ,2014 ,Our students joined  International traditional martial arts Festival held by Dalian city and  achieved golden medal.   See More.  

●  In order to offer more comfortable living room for students,the new accommodation building are under construction,then,the new building for students living room will be single room with independent bathroom and western toilet for each room,and will complete in 2016.See More.  

●  In August ,2014 ,Our students took part in  the  International Chinese Exchange of martial arts Festival held in Beijing,the capital city of China,and achieved excellent records.    

● In July 28 and August 8,2014 ,we arranged students to participate the International traditional Shaolin compeition in Yantai city  respectively twice.(Yantai city is the city we located),and got very good records.See More.

● In end of July,2014,school masters held big kung fu performance in academy that held every year for School Anniversary,and finished successfully. 

● In May ,we will join the traditional Martial arts competition held by Muping of Yantai city.

● In May 1,Chinese Labour Day,Some of students and masters to take part in the kung fu performance held by Kunyu mountain and finished successfully.

● In April,We added a New shaolin master and another new teacher who are highly skilled at acupuncture and massage,and inherit them.

● In March 2014,the academy took part in traditional Kung fu competition and got five gold medal,and five silver medal,and finished successfully.


●In February,We added a New Older master with many years teaching experiences,he focus on teaching Mantis Boxing,Bagua and Xingyi Chuan.



 Updated News for 2013  

●On Dec 24,Christmas and new year is coming,here,we'd like to send best wishes,Merry Christmas & Happy New Year.Thank you for all support and caring for Kunyu Mountain Shaolin Martial Arts Academy.

●  This year we are dedicating to improve our teaching and students training environment,and received lots of positive reviews from our students,and students got excellent recordes from several traditional shaolin kung fu competitions we attended.

●  In Christmas Eve and new year,all the school staff and students will celebrate Christmas together and have a great dinner.


● In Oct to Nov 2013,the school participated Shaolin international Martial arts Festival in Los Angeles of USA.If the students (as well as previous students) wants to join,please contact with us. School Email :

● In Sep 2013,the school held the big kung fu performance by Chinese masters and some students of Kunyu mountain Shaolin kung fu academy which held every year,and finished successfully.See More.

● In August 2013,Master was invited International Shaolin martial arts competition in Singapore as Judge.

● In July and August 2013 respectively,we took part in the International traditional Kung Fu competition held by Yantai city twice,and completed successfully and got great records.

● In June 2013,a professional older master (sixty years old) joined us,who is highly skilled at traditional Shaolin kung fu and plum blossom Chuan.

● May 2013,school masters and some of the students performed Chinese martial arts for "Spring Outing Festival "that held by Kunyu mountain Taoism Temple we located.

● School Staff and students donated more than 8000 RMB to show love heart and support for the earthquake areas in southern China SiChuan province in 2013 April. 

9th international martial arts festival held by DALIAN city

In Oct 2014,our students took part in 9th international martial arts festival held by DALIAN city,and

Held big Shaolin kung fu performance in academy in 2014

In July,2014,school masters held big Shaolin kung fu performance in academy that held every year for School Anniversary,and finished successfully

2014 International Traditional Martial Arts competition

In July 28 and August 8,students to participate the International Traditional Martial Arts competition in Yantai city twice,and got very good records.

In 2014 May,we joined traditional Martial arts Festival

In end of May ,some students performed in the traditional Martial arts Festival in Horse Land held by Muping district of Yantai city.

In 2013,Invited to be a Judge in International Shaolin martial arts competition.

In August 2013,our Master was invited International Shaolin martial arts competition in Singapore as Judge.

Hongkong international Martial Arts Championship in 2013 April

From April 5 to April 9,2013,Kunyu mountain shaolin martial arts academy sent some of students to participate in Hongkong international Martial Arts Championship alonging with headmaster,and completed the competitions successfully and achieved excellent records of 11 gold medal and 6 silver medal and 1 bronze medal.

Donate fund to the people in need

We established Kunyu Mountain Martial Arts Academy Fund Box formally to help those people who need.

Here is the specific address to the academy in English

China Kunyu Mountain Shaolin Martial Arts Academy

Kunyu mountain Natural Conservation District, Yantai City, Shandong Province, China. Postal Code: 264100

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