Photos and videos from our Shaolin Kung Fu Academy

Take a glimpse at what it’s like to study traditional Chinese Shaolin kung fu, Wing chun ,Chi kung,Tai chi,kickboxing, Bagua,Xingyi,Wudang,Mantis and other ancient forms of martial arts at our Shaolin kung fu academy in China.  In the photos below and School Videos in Youtube,as well as on Kunyu’ll find people just like you learning important skills and secrets you’ve only dreamed of learning yourself.Our martial arts school offers you the chance to increase your awareness,patience, structure & clarity, reform the way your body moves, get  Spiritual growth,keep inner peace ,and practice self-defense, all while having fun and meeting new people.

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 school photos
Click on the images below to enlarge to view the  master,training halls,& surroundings,etc.
  • Headmaster(on the right) & Shaolin Abbot.We are supported by shaolin temple.
  • Early Morning Chi Kung to cultivate energy from Master.
  • Students are following headmaster doing Morning Tai Chi.
  • Student practicing conditioning & strengthening.
  • Cultivate Chi training at the river bank.
  • Training in the Daoism Temple next to school.
  • Training in kunyu mountain.
  • Shaolin Groups
  • Students performing basic training routines
  • Students performing shaolin kung fu
  • Master helping students doing shaolin forms
  • Master showing wingchun Woodern dummy.
  • Master showing the wing chun application skills.
  • Learning Baji Chuan under master
  • Practicing Baji Chuan Application
  • The American student following master learning Wu Dang sword .
  • Shaolin sparring on plum-blossom poles
  • Student in grading test in 2018 Year
  • Students training Tai Chi in school.
  • Ariel from America breaking flagstone with Empty Palm via Chi
  • Ariel breaking the brick by head through Chi kung
  • Students training Chinese kick boxing
  • Sanda actual combat training in academy
  • Sanda (Chinese kick boxing training)
  • Practicing Pray Mantis Form with Master
  • Students training the application of Pray mantis Chuan.
  • Students practicing BaDuanJin with master in Kunyu Mountain.
  • The master teaching younger student.
  • Kids learning martial arts here.
  • Kids training kung fu here
  • Kids group from American school training here.
  • Female students training here.
  • The 70 years old French student,Guy Aymard,learn kung fu here.
  • Couple from Columbia study here.(68 years old)
  • Older students training here.
  • Our students in Kunyu mountain
  • students and their master
  • Calligraphy Class as well as other Free cultural classes are offered.
  • Building for students 'accommodation
  • Chinese kickboxing sparring ring
  • Traditional form ring in school
  • Beautiful waterfalls and lake next to us.
  • Students walking on the mountain road after finishing outside training.
  • Students can swim in the natural lake near academy
  • A small lake near the school with clear mountain water.
  • The statues of the immortals inside the Yanxia Cave near us.
  • The Nine Dragon Pool inside the National Park .
  • Wu Ran Temple not far from us
  • Kunyu mountain Pool view
  • The entrance door of kunyu national park near school
  • Yanxia Cave is next to Daoism Temple.
  • View from the mountain That Daoism temple Cave is located.