Martial Arts School China - Application

If you’d like to attend training at the academy, you can fill out the application form below:

Once we have received your application form, we'll reply within one day. Please check both inbox and spam box, if you still didn't receive it,you can also call our consulting phone number at  0086-13696381880 (especially for new student) or 0086-535-4693197 (office phone)

Please know that it is best to fill out the application form at least one month before your arrival. This will provide you with enough time to prepare for the steps to China, such as applying for a visa and purchasing air tickets. Once you are accepted to our Shaolin kung fu school in China, the next step is to pay the $100.USD application fee to guarantee a place in the martial arts academy and pick up from Yantai train station.

The school bank transfer information listed below: 


NAME:  Kunyu Mountain Shaolin Martial Arts Academy
ACC NO.:81601065314628800005
TEL. NO.: 0086-535-4693197
Notice:If your bank need the  intermediary bank or correspondent bank (third party bank)  information,that is ACCOUNT WITH WELLS FARGO BANK N.A NEW York NY US,ACCOUNT NO.2000191005255,Swift BIC:PNBPUS3NNYC)

    Why kunyu Mountain?
    Sacred and Peaceful Birthplace of Taoism Running for 16 Years Top Kung Fu masters. 1000+ Positive Reviews online. Small Group Classes Long-Term Visa Issued Free cultural Mandarin Class Free WiFi available Prize Competitions Many Kung Fu Styles Best Air quality in China Coastal city located Spring drinking water Issue Master certificate
 Our Kunyu Kung fu School's Strict Discipline
Our School's Strict Discipline
 Teaching Special Features
Our Kungfu Teaching's Special Features
 Certificate for Students
Certificate for Students
 Martial Arts Competitions we attended.
Martial Arts Competitions we attended
 School Honor we achieved
School Honor we achieved
 Training Facilities at our Kung Fu School
Training Facilities at our Kung Fu School
 Family groups training here-Summer camp
Family groups Training -Family Summer camp

Rooms and Meals at our academy