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 Our Shaolin Kung Fu school in China is the most welcoming martial arts school in the country. Since we opened our Shaolin school in 2004, we have had more than 5000 international students from around the world learn kung fu and get their certificates here.

Our students come from the following countries: UK, USA, Australia, Austria, Belgium, Canada, Columbia, Czech, Dubai, Denmark, Cyprus, France, Finland, Germany, Greece, Ireland, India, Italy, Indonesia, Iceland, Korea, Lebanon, Mexico, Spain, Switzerland, Sweden, South Africa, New Zealand, Netherlands, Portugal, Poland, Singapore, Sri Lanka, Russia, Turkey, Panama, Tunisia, Vietnam, Mauritius, Botswana, Tanzania, and more.In addition to that, our students have commented on the high standard of Kung Fu training and comfortable environment and beautiful scenery of the mountain here. After running for 21 years, we are more dedicated than ever to improving our martial arts academy in China and making it the absolute best place to learn everything from kung fu to the art of Chi. We set our standards high to give students an incredible experience that affords them a unique set of skills unmatched by many. Each student can get a certificate from the school that lists all the things what they learnt. Each year we organized some of students to participate traditional international martial arts competitions and got excellent records. 

Scroll down this page to see an annual Kung Fu Reviews with more than Updated 2024 Revewis and 1400 Kung Fu Experiences written by our students, along with their photos and contact details via Email and Facebook on each page.

15649055846827.jpg  Johan Voskamp,(Netherlands) Two-Year Kung Fu course.Dear headmaster, Due to some unforeseen circumstances I will have to go back home next week,so that’s why I decided to write this letter to thank you properly. This school that you have built from the ground up has been a Massive change in my life.A very good one at that.Before I came to Kunyu mountain academy ,I was on the verge of suicide.My life was a mess and I really felt out of place in this world. I didn’t value human life and had no appreciation for my parents.

When I came to Kunyu mountain shaolin academy,I came to learn discipline and to escape from my situation back at home.But this place gave me so much more than that. I learnt to value life,to help and serve when I could,to really appreciate the fortunate situation i am in that I could even come here to China ,and way more.I also acquired a passion for martial arts.something that I didn’t have before I came here.And above all,I found my fiancee here at kunyu,we are planning to marry somewhere in the future.From the bottom of my heart,I want to thank you.If you never would have created this wonderful place,I might have not been on this world anymore.Thanks to your creations i gained so much,i hope i can do the same day and help others.You are an inspiration.Thank you so much.Email:  Facebook: Johan Voskamp He returned with his wife in May 2024 to train Kung Fu again. 

15643761352015.jpgAndrew Plitt (USA) One Year course Reviews and built his own Kung fu club. I stayed here for one year to study Chinese kung fu.The training is awesome! The variety is the weekly training schedule is excellent for keeping the training interesting from week to week.All the masters have been very helpful and they all seem to very interested in helping every student do well .

I am completely impressed with their professionalism in martial arts and with the fact that they are not arrogant about their incredible skills. I am especially grateful to Master Guo for everything he has taught me.The translators have always been very friendly and very helpful,they frequently go out of their way to help students and have made studying here very enjoyable experience.Generally the daily life in this academy is very pleasant.The view around us is wonderful and I appreciate the headmaster is always looking for ways to make the school better. E:    Facebook: Andrew Plitt

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Learn traditional Shaolin martial arts and Chinese culture in Sacred Kunyu mountain,birthplace of Taoism.

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