Shaolin Kung Fu Academy - Student Reviews 

                          More than One Thousand Positive Reviews from our students listed below:

      Our Shaolin Kung Fu school in China is the most welcoming martial arts school in the country. Since we opened our Shaolin school in 2004, we have had more than 4000 foreign students (including family groups) from around the world learn kung fu and get their certificates here.

Our students come from the following countries: UK, USA, Australia, Austria, Belgium, Canada, Columbia, Czech, Dubai, Denmark, Cyprus, France, Finland, Germany, Greece, Ireland, India, Italy, Indonesia, Iceland, Korea, Lebanon, Mexico, Spain, Switzerland, Sweden, South Africa, New Zealand, Netherlands, Portugal, Poland, Singapore, Sri Lanka, Russia, Turkey, Panama, Tunisia, Vietnam, Mauritius, Botswana, Tanzania, and more.In addition to that, our students have commented on the high standard of Kung Fu training and comfortable environment and beautiful scenery of the mountain here.After running for 17 years, we are more dedicated than ever to improving our martial arts academy in China and making it the absolute best place to learn everything from kungfu to the art of Chi. We set our standards high to give students an incredible experience that affords them a unique set of skills unmatched by many. Each student can get a certificate from the school that lists all the things what they learnt.Each year we organized some of students to participate traditional international martial arts competitions and got excellent records. To learn more about the students Kung Fu experience at our school in China, we invite you to read the reviews below.

Group Photo for July 2019 including Seven traditional masters ,2 cultural teachers and five English Translators

●Please Continue to go down this page,you will see a form with More than 1200 Reviews written by students with photos on each page with Email and facebook for 17 years since we built.   

  Johan Voskamp,July 2019,(Netherlands)

2-Year course Dear headmaster,Due to some unforeseen circumstances I will have to go back home next week,so that’s why I decided to write this letter to thank you properly. This school that you have built from the ground up has been a Massive change in my life.A very good one at that.Before I came to Kunyu mountain academy ,I was on the verge of suicide.My life was a mess and I really felt out of place in this world.I didn’t value human life and had no appreciation for my parents.
When I came to Kunyu mountain,I came to learn discipline and to escape from my situation back at home.But this place gave me so much more than that. I learnt to value life,to help and serve when I could,to really appreciate the fortunate situation i am in that I could even come here to China ,and way more.I also acquired a passion for martial arts.something that I didn’t have before I came here.And above all,I found my fiancee here at kunyu,we are planning to marry somewhere in the future.From the bottom of my heart,I want to thank you.If you never would have created this wonderful place,I might have not been on this world anymore.Thanks to your creations i gained so much,i hope i can do the same day and help others.You are an inspiration.Thank you so much.Email:     Facebook: Johan Voskamp 

 Andrew Plitt (USA) One Year course and built his own Kung fu club. I stayed here for one year to study Chinese kung fu.The training is awesome! The variety is the weekly training schedule is excellent for keeping the training interesting from week to week.All the masters have been very helpful and they all seem to very interested in helping every student do well .

I am completely impressed with their professionalism in martial arts and with the fact that they are not arrogant about their incredible skills. I am especially grateful to Master Guo for everything he has taught me.He is the main reason I chose to stay at kunyu school.The translators have always been very friendly and very helpful,they frequently go out of their way to help students and have made studying here very enjoyable experience.Generally the daily life in this academy is very pleasant.The view around us is wonderful and I appreciate the headmaster is always looking for ways to make the school better. Email:    Facebook: Andrew Plitt

2019  Reviews and testimonials  

Matthrew  One year course review on Youtube  2019 

Ramy's Two year Course review on youtube  2019

Ariel Pablos' three years Kung Fu course Review Youtube

Ramy Kandil's two-Year Chinese kickboxing and Shaolin Review         

Isabelle couple (Nine-Month Kungfu training)                     

Willem Van Der Boog (Three months course)          

Lucas Andre(Two month course)

Per Simon Ebbestaahl ( Two month course)






Chi kung

Chinese kickboxing           

Fadi Albattah (One Year course) 

 Gisele Isheme,Maud Ahmadnia(Two month course)




Shaolin kungfu

Chinese kickboxing


Mikkel Aalund Pedersen (One Year course) 

 Maria de (One month course)



Wing chun


Robin Hupfeld      (Two-month course) 

 Camille Sophia

 (Two-month course)



Chinese kickboxing



Adrien Schuck(Six month course) 

Victoria Grabenwoeger

 Katalin Mueller       





Sanda class    


Zaccone Gaetano

(One Year course)    

Belguim       Wing Chun &Chi Kung         

ERIC QUAST (One Year course)                      

 Mateo Iriarte  (One Year course)             

 Jeremy Nathaniel Fields (Two month course)                     

Tommi Juutilainen 







Chinese kickboxing                    



Mateusz Baran   (One Year course)                       

 Diego Ignacio(One month course),                     

Daniele Carrese(two Months course)                     







Shaolin Kung Fu                    


John William Marinelli  ( Three-month course)                     

Returning Student:Jones Reeve,(Three months training) ,                    

Nathan Pieter Becker                       




Shaolin Kung Fu,Chi Kung fu       

Mother and daughter                     

(Eliana and  Kamala)                     

Sweyn Mestrel   (                     

Three month course)                    



Shaolin&Wingchun  &Taichi         

Mark (ONE Year course)                    

&A group of four people                    



Wingchun  ,Sanda,Chi kung,Baji      

Fiona & Sophia(Family group) ,                    

Richard Rapenne( Three month course)                    




Daisy Khadija
(eight months course )

Stefan Boës  ,                    

Pierre Emmanuel  ( Three month course)                    


Ireland               Germany   


Chinese kickboxing&Shaolin            
Erik Bennett Ward   
(eight months course )

Tina Hovestadt  ,                    

Ricardo Brand ( Three month course)                    





Tai Chi class              

Lorenz Spieth(Nine-month course),                    

Lena (Nine-month course), Pasquale                    




Wing chun,Chi Kung          
Ganesh Family group
Shaolin,Wing Chun
Jaime Cowl,Jay Lu,Saray (returning student)                  UK

Wing Chun ,Tai chi class          

Manuel Bijan Rahimi  
(One Year course )

Robert Oern Andresson ( One Year course)                    

Yaron Serlin                


Sanda class              
Henrion Colombe   
(returning student )

Roberto Andres&                       

 Adrian Vogl( Three month course)                    





Shaolin ,Chikung, Sanda class              

Messaoud Azguer                (One Year course )
Jeremy  Fields

Esther Nielsen
New Zealand

Tai Chi,Chi kung class             
Yanick Hellinger   
(One Year course )
Rose Maria Hengl( Two month course)


Shaolin, Taichi, Sanda class              

Nadja Abdala &                    

Diether Isenborghs                     

(ONE Year course )

Taichi class              

Casper Aalto ( One Year course)             

Kelian Abdel (Two-month course)           

Johanna Hinrichs (ten weeks course)           


France Germany                    



 Chinese kickboxing        

Christopher Terrio 
(Ten months course )

Peter Li Hodson( Two month course)

Matthew Joseph Thorp





Baji class              

Caleb Nickelson( Four- month course)   USA
     Chinese kickboxing & Shaolin        

Emilia Lahti(two month course)                    

Scott Rigby  (Three                    

months course)        



Tai Chi
Chi Kung 
Yorys Vincent Renard
(Four months course )

Nickolas Sabourin( Two month course)







Chinese kickboxing(full time)                    


Giuseppe  Rampino                    

(three months course)    Alexander King                     

 (Two months course)                     

Aldo RamirezRamos                      





Chi kung                    


Henrion Colombe  

(Two months course )

Hamish cole( Four month course)


Sanda class              

Yohann Le Gall                              

(One Year course)

 France                 Wing chun &Baji Class                

   Joe Gray (11 Month course)                   

Rawan Zeyad           


Saudi Arabia          

 Chinese Kickboxing Class                

Rafael Andres Belean      

 Jamie   Taylor            

(two month course)



 Wing chun &Baji Class                

2018 Year Students' Reviews and testimonials                    


Olivier De Rop(Three months course )                    

Josh Fowler  ( Three month course)

    Or Peled  



Shaolin ,Sanda,Chi kung


Fredrik Gabrielsson           

(15 months course till Nov 2018  )               


Tai chi and Chi kung


Dan Francis Durrant
(Three Years Course )


Wingchun ,Tai Chi,Chi kung


Jai Sheffield
(More  than two months course )

Vineet Bhojwani ( Three month course)

Joseph Sadon (Returning Student )





Shaolin ,Sanda,Tai Chi Chuan


Laurits Munck
(One year and four months course )

Nair Betencourth Chantre
( Three month course)

Mark Scrivens( One month course)



Shaolin ,Tai Chi, Sanda,Chi kung


Sarah Loredana Caprioli  
(Nine months course )

Cameron Edmunds  
( Three and half month  course)


Wing chun,Baji,Chi kung


Sabbash Nadine

(One year and two months course )

Ethan Peters( Three month course)


Shaolin ,Wing Chun, Tai Chi, Sanda,
Wu Dang 
Jonas Schoellkorf( Four-Month Course)

Guillaume Caudy (Four-month course) 

Branden Pyke (Three months course)


Shaolin &Sanda&Taichi
&Chikung Class

Anna Rodricks ( Nine Month Course) 

David Kenai Augustus
(One year and three month course)

Manel Hagelulien (Two months course)


Wing chun & Tai Chi course                
Logan Simkins( One Year Course

Felix  (one Month course)


Shaolin &Sanda&Taichi
&Chikung Class
Venice Moerman( Six month Course) 

Florian Roese  (one Month course)

Sebastion LE Corre (Three Months course)

Wing chun&Qigong& Chikung Class                
Alana Becker( One Year Course

Caroline Herman  (one Month course)

Damien Battistin(Three Years course)

Shaolin &Sanda&Tai Chi
&Chikung Class
Josh Meredith

Jackson Gledhill  
Wing chun&Taichi& Chikung Class                
Deepak   Family

RACHAEL(Four month course)

Jones Reeve (Six Months course)

Shaolin &Sanda&Taiji&XingyiClass                
Jenson  Callejon (Three month course)

Pranit Sanghavi (Five and half-month course)

Wingchun &Baji&

Taiji&Chikung Class


2017 Year  Students' testimonial                     

Emir Kadrolli    
 (Six Months course)

 Denmark                Shaolin &Sanda&Chikung Class                
 (One Year course)

 Indonesia                Shaolin &Sanda&Chikung Class                
Hedley Hall
 (One Year course)

 UK                Shaolin &Sanda&Chikung Class                
Leven and Yuval
 (Seven weeks,Nine months course)

Shaolin &Sanda&Chikung Class                
The couple  
(Luke and Rachel)

Australia                Shaolin &Chikung Class                
Ramy Mohammed Kandil
(Nine month training)

Greece                Shaolin &Sanda&Taichi Class                
An Vi Quoc Nguyen

Denmark                Shaolin &Sanda&Chikung Class                

Three Years Course

France                Wing chun&Chikung &Baji Class                
Returning student

Thibaut Salence  

Belgium                Shaolin &Sanda&Chikung Class                
Second to Come. 

Switzerland                Shaolin & internal ones Class                
(Six month course) 

UK                Shaolin &Tai Chi  & Chi kung Class                
Sigal Family Group

Israel                Shaolin &Tai Chi  Class                
 Pedram Rahdeirjoo
(One Year Course) 

Norway                Wingchun&Baji & Chi kung Class                
Hue Family
with three kids

Thailand                Shaolin &Tai Chi  Class                
(Three month course)

France                Shaolin &Taichi &Chikung Class                
Marine Cosseron de Villenoisy       
(Five month course)

France                 Wing chun & Qigong Class                
Helena Ros Gilbert     
(Six month course)

Iceland                Shaolin& Sanda &Taichi Class                
Clement Garadier       
(One and Half Year course)

France                Wing chun &Taichi & BajiClass                
Andrea Marlière
and Philipp (Mother and Son)

Germany                Tai Chi and Shaolin Class                
Adeline &Chris
One Year and Half Course

Sweden                 Shaolin &Sanda&Taichi Class                
Groups of 21 students
from American school    

USA                Shaolin& Sanda &Wingchun Class                
Ismail Ali  
(Three month course)

Sweden                Shaolin& Sanda &Taichi Class                
Andrew Plitt & Quentin
(One Year course)

USA& France                Wing Chi&Qigong &Taichi Class                
Bhati Himmat singh  
(One Year course)

India                Shaolin&Chinese kickboxing

Morais Carneiro Patricia  
(Thirteen months course)

Portugal                Wing chun&Baji &Taichi Class                
Simon Lo March
(Four month course)
Australia                Shaolin& Chikung &Taichi Class                
Sandrine Family
(Group of three )

France                Tai Chi class & Shaolin&Chikung Class                
Dimitrios &  Romina
(One Year Course)

Greece and  Canada                 Shaolin &Sanda& Chikung Class                

(One Year and Half course)

France                Wing chun & Baji &Chi KungClass                
Christopher John Tenuta

(One Year course)

 Australia                Shaolin& Sanda &Taichi Class                

2016 Year Students'  Kungfu Experiences                                   

Arif and Zainul  

(Five months course)

 Tanzania                 Shaolin& Sanda &Chi Kung Class                
Pankaj  & Svenjia

(Three months course)
 India &Switzerland                Shaolin& Sanda &Taichi Class                
Javier Andres Barahona

(Six months course)
 Guatemala                 Wing chun&Baji&Chi kung Class                
Andrew& ESTHER    
(Three months course)

South Africa&Austria                Shaolin& Sanda &Taichi Class                
Julie & Le Cornet    
(Two months course)

France                Shaolin& Sanda &Chi Kung Class                
Mark  (Two months course)

Australia                 Shaolin & Tai Chi Class                
Kerr Danny
(Three weeks course)
Canada                Pray Mantis &Chi Kung Class                
Lewis & Vishal  
(Two months course)

Australia & UK                 Shaolin& Sanda &Taichi Class                
Lucy Cokayne    
(Six months course)

England                Shaolin& Sanda &Taichi Class                
Anais Livet      
(One Year Course)
France                Wing chun &Chi Kung Class                
Nick & Andrey
(Two months course)
Australia & UK                 Shaolin& Sanda &Taichi Class                
Tom & Arne
(Four months course)

Holland &Estonia                 Shaolin& Sanda &chi kung Class                
Keith Couple (Three months course)

& Samantha family(Sister&brother)

 UK & Holland                Shaolin& Sanda &Taichi Class                
Mahir &  Kaash

 (One Year course-Family group)

 UK                Shaolin& Sanda &Taichi Class                
Jordan and Melvin

 (One month summer course)
France                Shaolin& Sanda & Chikung Class                
Or Steiner
 (Four weeks course)
 Israel                 Tai chi & Chi kung Class                
Benjamin&  Daram
 (Eight-month course )

 USA& UK                Shaolin& Sanda & Chikung Class                
Livi   (One and Half Year course) 

 & Wesley (Four week course)

 UK& USA                Wing chun& Baji& Taichi Class                

Kinga Family with Kid 
 (One-month course )

Poland                Shaolin& Sanda & Taichi Class                
Asseja family 
(Three-weeks course )

Ethiopia                Shaolin& Sanda & Chi kungClass                

Skaftie Family (One month)
&Gabrile (Six month course )

 Italy&Iceland                Wing chun& Baji& Taichi Class                

Belinda (two month course)

& Tim (One YEAR course)

USA & France                Shaolin & Sanda & Taichi Class                

Rebecca Anderfuhren
 (Ten-month course )

 Switzerland                Shaolin& Sanda & Taichi Class                
Hassna &  Lea
 (Three-month course )

 French & Slovene                 Shaolin& Sanda & Chikung Class                

Loc - Returning student 
(Two Years course )

France                Wing chun &Baji& Chikung Course                
Dan Family
(Four weeks course )

 Israel                Shaolin& Sanda & Taichi Course                
Philine Hirschheydt ( Three-month course )

(will return for one Year
 Switzerland                Shaolin& Sanda & Taichi Course                
Cerelia   (Ten-month course )

 USA                Shaolin& Sanda & Chikung Class                
 Samuel Dusatko 
 (One Year course )

 UK                Wing chun &Baji& Taichi Course                
Laura Jane (Three-month course )
Will return for One year in 2017

 Uk                Shaolin& Sanda & Chikung Class                
David Robb (Five-month course )

England                Wing chun &Baji& Chikung Course                
John Chin
(One Year course )

UK                Wing chun &Taichi& Chikung Course                
Florian De Smet  (Six-month course )

 Belguim                Shaolin& Sanda & Chikung Class                
Thomas (Two-month course )

 UK                Wing chun &Baji& Taichi Course                
 Obim & Marisol
 (Five-month course )

Sweden & Mexico                Shaolin& Sanda & Chikung Class                
Group study (from American school)

USA                Shaolin& Sanda & Chikung Class                
Sam  (seven-month course )

Belguim                Shaolin& Sanda & Chikung Class                
(One year course )

Israel                 Wing Tsun&Baji & Taichi Class                
Joshua &Nicolas
(Six month course )

USA & France                Shaolin& Sanda & Taichi Class                
David  (One Year course )

Germany                Shaolin& Sanda & Taichi Class                
Michael & Bo
(Four month course )

Sweden & Holland                Shaolin &Sanda& Taichi Class                
Robert Burns  (Six weeks course )

USA                Shaolin& Sanda & Taichi Course                
Aaron Yoshida 
 (One Year course )

 America                Wing chun &Baji& Chikung                
Rory & Faisal- Returning student
(Five month course )

 UK&Saudi                Shaolin &Sanda& Chikung                

2015 Students Reviews                            

Bram  (Two-month course )

Holland                Shaolin& Sanda & Chikung Course                
Karin &Alessandra (Two month course )

 Belgium & Italy                Shaolin& Sanda & Taichi Course                
Friso  (3rd time to return) 
 (Two month training)
 Holland                Wing chun&Chikung                

Giovanni  family with Two kids 
 (One Year training)

 Columbia&Australia                Shaolin& Sanda & Chikung Course                

Jason (Three months course )

England                Shaolin& Sanda & Taichi Course                
Mohan (Two months course )

 India                Shaolin& Sanda & Taichi Course                
Andreas & Kephren (One month course )

 UK & France                Shaolin& Sanda & Taichi Course                
Ariel Pablos (Two years training)
Video of youtube inside

Wing chun&Baji&Chikung                    

Sanda and Taichi Course                    

Jack Christopher   ( Two months course)

 Newzealand                Shaolin& Sanda & Taichi Course                
Thanh & Olivia  ( Two months course)

 Hungary  &Switzerland                Shaolin& Sanda & Taichi Course                
Thomas & Enno( Seven months course)

 Holland &Germany                Shaolin& Sanda & Chigong Course                
Cesbron ( One Year course)

 France                Shaolin& Qigong Course                
Myrddrina ( Three months course)

 France                Shaolin& Sanda & Taichi Course                
Gundula Klaas 


Wing chun&Taichi Course                    

Gleb & Magnus
 (Returning student)
 Canada & Denmark                

Shaolin&Sanda& TaichiCourse                    

Austin& Leandro (Three months course)

 Brazil &Australia                Shaolin&Sanda& Qigong Course                
Saray& Basil (One year and seven
 months course)

Spain and Jordan                Wing chun and Baji and Chikung Course                

Duncan& Daniel (returning students)

 Ireland& Denmark                Shaolin&Sanda &Taichi Course                
Hannah (Ten Months course)

 USA                Shaolin&Sanda&Chi kung Class                
Lars Svenssor (One year training)


Wing chun&Baji& Taiji course                    

Group of Three ( Three -months training)

 France & Italy                

Shaolin&Sanda&Xingyi course                    

Benjamin Rigal  (Four-months training)

 France                Wing chun&Baji&Chikung class                
Galitch Niels Coltrane 
( Eight-months )


Shaolin&Sanda&Chikung course                    

Philipp & Andy  
(Four months course)

 Austria & UK                

Shaolin&Sanda&Taiji course                    

Natinella &Aivar 
(Six months class )

 Israel & Esthonia                

Shaolin&Sanda&Taiji course                    

Cedric & Mario 
(Five months )

Belguim & Austria                

Shaolin&Sanda&Taiji course                    

Stasi Francesco  (Two-months )


Wing chun&Baji&Chikung                    

2014 Year Students'  Reviews                    

Isabelle and his husband   (Nine month training)                 Canada                

Wing chun&Baji&Sanda&Chi kungfu                    

&Taiji course                    

Sergio & Yana   (Six month training)                 Netherlands & Germany                

Shaolin&Sanda&Taiji course                    

Father  &Son (Three weeks training)                 Australia                

Shaolin&Sanda&Chikung course                    

Fabienue &Stephen    (Five months)
 Switzerland& France                                    

Wing chun&Baji&Taichi course                    

 Ash Samudre    (Two months)

Mantis&Bagua& Qigong class                    

Mathias&Lauren &Michael   (Three months)
 UK& France                

Shaolin&Sanda&Taiji course                    

Jonathan couple    (Nine months)
 Canada ,Quebec                

Wing chun&Baji&Chikung course                    

Sebina&Ocean (Three weeks course) 
 UK& USA                

Shaolin&Sanda&Taiji course                    

Philip  (Two months training)  

Mantis&Bagua& Qigong class                    

 Adam &Lucy (One month training)  


Shaolin&Sanda&Qigong course                    

 Charles & Emmanuel  (returning student)
   (One Year Course)
 Canada& France                

Wingchun &Baji&Taichi class                    


 Julia &Benjamin (Three month course)



 Friso Halbeitsmce (returning student)
(Two Months course)

Wudang and Qigong course                    


 Family Group (One Month course)                 USA                

Shaolin&Sanda&Taiji course                    


 Oleg &Michael   - One Year training                 Ukraine& USA                

Wingchun &Baji&Taichi class                    


 Tschopp Helene   (Four weeks course)                 Switzerland                

Shaolin&Sanda&Qigong course                    


 Siyu & Ethan & Nico   (returning students)
(Three months training)

Shaolin&Sanda&Qigong course                    


 Nicholas  (Six Months course);                 South Africa                

Mantis&Bagua& Taichi class                    


 Robort & Jones   (Three Months course)                 Australia & Mauritius                

Wingchun &Baji&Taichi class                    


 Mukulia & Metta   (One Month course)                 Kenya and Sweden                

Shaolin&Sanda&Taiji course                    


 Ian &Tom   (returning student)
(Nine months course)

Shaolin&Sanda&Qigong course                    


Charles&Zugec   (Three Months course)                 France &Slovakia                

Wingchun &Baji&Taichi class                    


Kirsten & Tara  (Three Months course)                 Denmark&Mexico                

Shaolin&Sanda&Qigong course                    


James Awarado (One  Year course)                 Belguim                

Wingchun &Baji&Taichi class                    


Nick  and  DJ (One Year course)                 Holland&UK                

Shaolin&Sanda&Qigong course                    


David and Angela(four weeks course)
(Video inside)

Shaolin&Sanda&Taiji course                    


Julia and Terry (Seven Months course)                 German &  Australia                

Wingchun &Baji&Taichi                    


Rusmus and Nathan (Three Months course)                 Demark&

Shaolin Meihua course                    


Quinn and Virginia (Six Months course)


Shaolin&Sanda&Qigong class                    


Roger and clement (Six Months course)                     

(returning student)           



Wingchun&Baji&  Taichi                    


Ahamed and Diana (Six Months course)                 Egypt&Mexico                

Shaolin&Sanda&Qigong course                    


 Laura and Kenny (Two Months course)                 USA                Shaolin&Sanda&Qigong course                


Adan&Sheldon  (Five Months course)


Singapore&  Canada                    


Wingchun&Baji&Taichi class                    


Kelly (Two Months course)                    

 New Zealand                Mantis&Bagua& Chikung class                

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