Excellent Students of Kunyu mountain

Each Year,We selected outstanding advanced international students strictly by school masters,staff and all the students,according to their academic training performance, spirit growth, dedication,etc.

Besides,we are awarded as "Advanced school in spiritual and cultural progress" honorary title by the local government for many times.

  • Excellent Kung fu students in 2017 Year
  • Sanjay from Switzerland got the international excellent studnets Honor
  • Excellent student Honor Padram from Norway
  • Jack Ward from Britian
  • Yann Trehouart from France
  • Philine Hirschheydt from Switzerland
  • Ramy Handil From Egypt
  • Laura Brown from UK
  • Daniel Durrant from Britain
  • William Law from Britain
  • Jonas Danielsen from Norway
  • Thibaut Salence from Belgium