News for 2015 & 2016

On Dec 24,2016,Christmas and new year 2017 is coming ,Merry Christmas & Happy New Year.We celebrated with students and have a great feast together,and we prepared a gift for the students who spent Christmas here.   

It is amazing year for 2016 and we finished all the training program and  several big competitions successfully with great scores.Thank you for all students supports and efforts.  

In April 2016,our Our Kunyu mountain shaolin academy is awarded as Advanced Excellent School by Sports Educational Bureau of Yantai city for Five consecutive years from 2011 to 2016 Year.

●In Oct 2016,We participated the performance of international Exhibition of Yantai ctiy .

●On June 1st,two new traditional Masters joined us.One is Chen Style Tai Chi master who originally come from the birthplace of Taiji Chuan,Chen family village,and another one is traditional internal master of Xingyi Chuan.    


●From May 9 to May 15 of 2016,the group of American school branch in China returned to train again,they benefited a lot from Chinese culture and traditional Shaolin kung fu. 


● On Dec 24 2015,All school staff and masters of kunyu mountain spent a great dinner with the students to celebrate a brilliant and happy Christmas Days.    


● In May,the school staff and students donated more than 3000 RMB for Nepal earthquake.    


● In March 2015,we added two masters,one is a professional Tai chi master with rich Taiji theory and teaching experiences,another is traditional Shaolin & Mantis boxing master.    

The new year 2016 is coming ,all the school staff would like to send best wishes, Merry Christmas & Happy New Year to you and your loved ones, we hope you have a most happy and prosperous New Year.   



In February 2015,we are awarded as "Advanced school in spiritual and cultural progress" honorary title by the local government for many times,see the photo below:

New accommodation building- Single room with bathroom attached

We built a new accommodation building with single or double room with independent bathroom and western toilet for each room,and completed in 2016.

In Aug 216,we attended traditional martial arts Festival held by local Yantai city

In August 2016,We participated international traditional martial arts Festival held by local Yantai city,we achieved great records

2016 July,"Kung Fu Dream"International Martial arts competition in Hunan Province

Our students travelled to Beautiful Hunan province to take part in "Kung Fu Dream"International Martial arts competition held by Xiangjiang Hunan province in 2016 July.

2016 Oct ,International Kung fu Festival in Qingdao city

In October 2016,we took part in the international traditional Kung fu Festival held by Qingdao city and finished successfully,and we achieved 33 golden medals,11 silver medals and five bronze medals.

2016 School Anniversary Performance

In July 2016,some of students and masters performed amazing Shaolin martial arts in academy.We perform each July to celebrate the school anniversary.

2016 Tai Zhou traditional martial arts competition in ZheJiang Province

In September 2016,more than fifty students attended international traditional martial arts competition held by TaiZhou city of ZheJian Province.We got the first place of total points and achieved Outstanding contribution award and civil Chi kung stunt excellent performance,achieved 6 trophies ,69 medals include 39 Golden Medals

third time Chinese Martial arts Comptition in Horse Island of Yantai City

In May 2016,We took part in the third time Chinese Martial arts Comptition in Horse Island of Yantai City invited by The Cup of "Long Quan Yu Gate" (Horse Island is very famous in Shandong Province with long history and culture) .

2016 Kung fu performance

In May 2016,We participated the Big kung fu performance in Taoism Temple held by Kunyu mountain include Shaolin forms performing,Shaolin weapon,Tai Chi,Wudang,Wing chun,Hard Chi kung,etc.and we finished successfully.

In 2016,Attending large-scale public welfare Love activities

In April 2016,our students took part in the large-scale public welfare Love activities "Raise the sun of tomorrow" held by volunteer of Hua Ting book academy in Yantai city.

2015 TsingDao international Martial arts Championship

On September 16 and 17,2015,About 30 students and masters of kunyu academy attended the “Fujing Agriculture Cup” of the international Martial arts Championship of Qingdao city to compete,and achieved excellent records of 12 gold medal and 6 silver medal and 7 bronze medal

2015 Traditional shaolin martial arts academy

On August 8th,2015,our students achieved 20 gold medal and one silver medal in the Traditional shaolin martial arts academy in Yantai city, besides,our student got a championship in a Chinese kickboxing competition.

2015 HongKong International Kung fu competition

On March 28 2015,our students achieved 10 gold medal and 9 silver medal and 2 bronze medal in traditional shaolin kungfu,Wing Chun,Tai Chi & Baji in the International Chinese Martial Arts Competitions in Hongkong,the beauty of the Pearl of the Orient.That is the third time to participate.

Here is the specific address to the academy in English

China Kunyu Mountain Shaolin Martial Arts Academy

Kunyu mountain Natural Conservation District, Yantai City, Shandong Province, China. Postal Code: 264100

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