Martial Arts Competitions We've Attended

Competitions give our students the unique opportunity to exercise the skills they've acquired at our Chinese kung fu school in front of a public audience. Our students get top places competing in national and international martial arts competitions.Since the establishment of the school of 2004 year, we have got more than two hundred championships in many martial arts competitions The element of competition pushes students and masters to break old records and improve their kung fu, kick boxing, and martial arts skills.  Here's what happened at some of the martial arts competitions our students and masters attended in the past …



Tsing Dao International Martial arts competition in Aug 2019

Some of the competition we attended  in details are listed below:

*September ,2008, three masters and eight students of the academy participated in The First Muping District Martial Arts Cultural Festival, and we got six golds and two silvers.

*August 26th, 2008, two masters and five students of the academy participated in The Fifth Yantai City Traditional Martial Arts Competition, and we got five golds and two silvers.

* In July 2008, We attended Yantai traditional competition.

*In 2009, three of our kick boxing students won for the Russian team at the International Martial Arts Competitions in Yantai, China.

*In August 2009 the school attended two traditional martial arts competition separately in Yantai. 

*In 2010, some of our students and masters participated in the shaolin martial arts competition and got excellent records.

*In 2011, we attended the International Traditional Martial Arts Competitions in Yantai and achieved excellent records.

*In July 28 and August 8,2012 ,we took part in the International Traditional kung fu competitions held by Yantai for two times,and got great records.

*In April 2013,we joined in Hongkong international Martial Arts Festival completed the competitions successfully and achieved excellent records and Gold medals.

*In 2014,students took part in the International Traditional kung fu competitions held in Hongkong,and achieved excellent records.

*In August,2014,students got old medals and certificate from Three competitions :Yantai martial arts competitions for twice and Beijing one.

●On August 8th,2015,our students achieved 20 gold medal and one silver medal in Yantai traditional Kung fu competition.

99999999 (2).jpg

Students got excellent records and Certificates from competitions.

●On April 2015,our students took part in martial ars festival held by Kunyu mountain 

●In March 2015,We achieved 10 gold medal and 9 silver medal in traditional shaolin,Wing Chun,Tai Chi & Baji in the International China Kung fu Competitions in Hongkong.

●In May 2016,We took part in the third time Chinese  Martial arts Comptition in Horse Island of Yantai City  invited by The Cup of "Long Quan Yu Gate" (Horse Island is very famous in Shandong Province with long history and culture) .

●In July 2016,We performed amazing Shaolin martial arts each July to celebrate the school anniversary.

●In July 2016, We attended traditional Kung fu competition held by Changsha city of HuNan province.

●In August 2016,We participated international traditional martial arts Festival held by local Yantai city,we achieved great records.


Start a Kung Fu journey to compete.

●In September 2016,In Taizhou international traditional martial arts competition,we achieved Outstanding contribution award and civil Chi kung stunt excellent performance,achieved 6 trophies ,69 medals include 39 Golden Medals.

●International Kung fu Festival in Qingdao city of Oct 2016,we finished the competition to Qing dao successfully,and got 33 golden medals,11 silver medals and five bronze medals.

●in March 2017,in the fifteen Hongkong International Gong Fu Festival, seven students from the Kunyu Mountain Shaolin School of martial arts, won a total of 7 gold 4 Silver 2 copper prize. 

●In June 2017.Our 49 students competed in the International Martial arts Championship Competition in NanJing City of JiangSu province.We achieved 59 golden prize,25 silver prize,14 bronze prize. 

●In Aug 2017,we achieved a total of 39 medals  in International kungfu Competition in Yantai of Shandong province            .

●In August 25th 2017,Kunyu team participate Fifth two sides International Kung fu competition in  Heze city of Shandong province.

●In September 25th, Kunyu mountain team took part in Zeng Zi  international martial arts competition  in Jiaxiang.

●On March 18th 2018 ,Five students attended the 16th International Marital arts Festival held in Hongkong,which achieved 7gold,2 silver,1 copper prize.

●In Aug,2018,30 students joined 15th Chinese Traditional Martial arts Competition held in Yantai, achieving 46 gold and 3 silver prize.In Chinese kickboxing competition,five of the students joined and get 4 gold and one silver prize.  

● In Oct 2018,43 students  completed  8th Traditional Kung fu competition held in TsingDao and achieved 15 gold medal,20 silver and 21 copper.

●In Sep 2018,Joined the International Traditional Tai Chi Competition in Weihai city.

●In April 2019,ten students joined 17th HongKong International Martial arts Compeition.

●On July 26 to 28,we attended “FuXi cup” international Tai Chi &Chi Kung competition held in XiAn city.

●In Aug 28 2019,Worldwide Kung Fu Festival held in our neighboring also coastal city, Tsing Dao city.

● On Aug 8,Yantai 16th international Martial arts Festival.


Achieved excellent records and Certificate in the competitions.


Hongkong International Martial arts competition

23 (3).jpg

Achieved Excellent records in Hong Kong competition(Fourth time to join)


                            Students achieved excellent records and Certificate in the competitions.

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