Austin's review from kunyu academy
Brazil &Australia
Three months learning till June 2015
Austin Michael         (Australia)

Because of the long history of Kung-fu in China and the depth of the act reached by numerous highly skilled Masters over this time. I had started learning internal Martial Arts in my country and my teachers and my own research had given me this aforementioned impression.

I have gained many things from my training but perhaps the greatest thing is persistence. My fitness level and flexibility have improved greatly as well as feelings of Qi and whole body connection and coordination.
First and foremost my master, all of the other Shifu’s, my classmates, especially Brent, David, Kyle, Enno, Leo and Adam. Also my roommate Miguel has been very helpful and kind, allowing me to acclimate quickly.
.My stay here has been great. In the beginning, the level of training seemed a bit overwhelming, however the people here are very helpful and helpful and friendly which allowed me to adopt and push myself. The students are very motivating and helpful, everybody helps one another. The Masters, especially my own are very patient. They are demanding in training which is needed to progress but also have a very charming lighter side. The group has a similar feel to a family. Daily life is easy going. All the working staffs are always friendly and smiling. The translators all are great. They have a great balance between their professional work and in socializing with the students, allowing the students to be comfortable and themselves being easy to approach with any number of questions or problems. They really go out of their way to help the students.

The surroundings of the school are quite beautiful, especially after spring has started. It’s really incredible. Now the fields and mountains explode with greenery and flowers. The air around the school is great. Yantai is an interesting city, especially if you are with people that know the area. There are some really charming cafes, bars and tea shops. The coastline is also quite nice to spend time on. 


Two month course till June 2015

Leandro De Cestro        (Brazil)

The cultured experience of studying Kungfu in its origin is the reason I came to China kunyushan.
Benifits are:The possibility to integrate a martial arts practice into my daily life and know that I am capable of doing it, just requires more and more practice.Big influence of my Shifu Sun and my colleagues.
 had a wonderful time at the school and very liked the way the schedule is set up.Masters, students and translators are very helpful.
Loved surroundings and one of my favorite things is the mountain training.


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