Ba gua Lao Ba Chang

Ba gua Lao Ba Chang

Anyone who goes for the Ba gua Lao Ba Palm also called Old Eight Palm uses several combinations of  techniques. These include striking when positioning and Ba Gua circle walks. It also combines locks and throws during guidance. Any person studying Chinese Bagua kung fu will improve on their health.

Ba gua Lao Ba palm

Masters proficient in Ba Gua take students through Pa gua Lao Ba Chang by combining it with other different techniques used in hand changes as they get instructions. In this training, the masters ensure student becomes proficient to use body procedures and power as they finish, drill, wrap, twist or overturn.

Applying Bagua Palm is essential for students taking Bagua lessons. They incorporate eight linear movements, known as Ba Zhang. The method uses different non-theoretical concepts to hit, combine, defend, retaliate and lob. These engagements go in line with a single method from the old eight palms. This has become a parallel look equivalent to the Lao Ba Zhang hand techniques.

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