Dan family training here

 (Israle) -One Month Course from June to July 2016

Family trained here during the summer 2016.

Words from daughter Yali Bourla  :          

I wanted to learn martial arts and I thought that China is the best place to learn it.My greatest gain is the strength I got; I got stronger, and more fit and gained flexibility. I learned many new things in martial arts as well.I appreciate translator Bella a lot for all her hard work and her attempt to help and understand others. Moreover, master Meng though me many new things and didn’t give up on teaching me no matter what. I thank him a lot for his patience and effort.

My experience in the academy was amazing. I had a wonderful time. The masters are very good and I am happy that I got to be with masters Meng and to meet and talk with Bella.The surroundings of the academy is very nice and pretty.

Words from Father Dan Bourla :

My daughter (16), son (14) and I (48) came from Israel to study Shaolin Kong Fu in in Kunyu Shan Martial Arts Academy for one summer month. This was our first experience with martial arts, and prior to our arrival we were a bit concerned about being able to participate in the studies. We arrived in the academy on Friday for a weekend of adjustment prior to commencing training. At first, we were surprised from the basic conditions of the dormitory, but after a few days we settled in and became more comfortable with the accommodations. The first days of training were rather hard, but towards the end of the first week we were already enjoying ourselves and arose to train with big smiles on our faces. The second and third weeks of training got better and better, as we felt we were in improved shape as well as having gained more understanding of how the activity is improving our physical and mental fitness. By the end of the fourth and final week we knew that our biggest blunder was not planning to stay at least two additional weeks, but we had to return home.

We felt that we have gained more than just a short period of experience, but rather acquired tools for the future. One of the first things we did on the day of our return was to practice some tai chi and qigong. From a parental perspective, training in the martial arts academy was a significant maturing experience for the children which became more helpful and respectful at home. I continue daily practice of stretching exercises and qigong, and my wife and children (all three next time) hope to enhance our education and health with future martial arts training trips for the whole family.

Words from Yoav:

I chose China to study Kungfu because I once saw a shaolin show and I found out that the original of shaolin is in China.My greatest gain is my flexibility and my fitness. I also made my pain tolerance a lot as well as my discipline.My Shifu was the best. He always pushed my team and me to our limits. At least, I thought he wasn’t that great but once I was with another group because of the competition I understand my Shifu was the best. My group was helpful too.The translator Bella was funny and helpful. Shifu Meng is the heat!The lake is nice, the training is the best.No problem, I hope to come and visit again.

Daughter's email: yalibourla@gmail.com

Father'e Email : yebourla@gmail.com

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