Wudang review from Friso

  Two months course from July to Aug

Friso Halbeitsmce    (Holland )   

Returning student,Friso trained for two months last year and this year to come back again to study.

I came back to Kunyu Shan because of my master.His positivity,knowledge,wisdom and passion for his art inspired me to return and learn more from him.
Kunyu mountain is a special place and it attracts special people.Part of what makes this place so nice is the variety of people ,who came from all over the world to study these arts.All the cultures and personalities blend together and this makes for a wonderful and very interesting environment .

I spend two months doing Wudang fist,wudang sword,and Qigong.Although this is a martial arts academy it attracts spiritual people as well and there is a lot to learn for those who are open to those things.Obviously you learn a lot from your masters ,but the older students are also very important for knowledge and atmosphere.I wish to thank Jonathan here as well for being an inspiration and showing the essence of  martial arts in his life and training.

I love the training in and the general lifestyle.Through all the sweat and hard work ,you gain peace and clarity in the mind .The master are very skillful and also care about the students .You really feel that those who come here four shorten times are viewed as any other student and are respected for what they can do at their level .The translater are awesome and they are very often to learn and willing to help.

All in all it is a wonderful place where you can taste ,experience and live a lifestyle that benefits your body,mind and soul .what you will take with you in your normal life is then up to you to figure out . For me I know that there is much more to learn and can definetly see myself. It is my honour to be a student of an amazing man like my wudang master and I thank all those who have crossed my path and made me a more whole person.  Thank you for everything. 

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