July 2015 to September 2015

Newton Jack Christopher     (New Zealand) 

Since I was a very young boy I wanted to protect people I loved. I saw shaolin monks one day, I thought they were amazing, so I decided that one day I will go to China to learn KungFu,so I came for kunyu mountain shaolin academy for two months training.

Through the Chinese kung fu training here,I am fit, kind, happy and peace.My master helped me a lot with teaching me spirit. The spirit helped me get through the hardest of training.In the last one week time felt short and quick, but as I look back it feels like I’ve been here a very long time. So many amazing experiences cannot be expressed in words.

The surroundings here are very nice, I came from New Zealand also a very beautiful country, I found it easier to stay here because it feels similar. Yantai is good for shopping and eating, and it would be nicer that to be more clean.

The things that I learnt here I will remember till the day I die, thank you all.

Email: Jack.c.k.n4444@gmail.com