Joshua and Nicolas training kung fu experiences
USA & France

Three month course  January to April 2016

Joshua Elkins-Fowler  (USA)

I chose China to study Kung fu because I've studied at home in America for 6 years and I wanted to improve my skills here,that is why I am here.

My greatest gain here was the improvement to my fitness and health as well as all the friends I've made here.Master Sun really helped me a lot here, he's an excellent Master and very good with kung fu application.

This was the best experience of my life the training was excellent and really pushed me to do my best, and all the translators were kind and made life easy at the academy. It was very easy for me to settle in and feel comfortable.The surrounding area is wonderful everything looked beautiful and made the stay here more enjoyable, my favorite days were the days we trained outside.


Six month-course from September 2015 to March 2016

 My impression of the School Life in Kunyu Mountain Traditional Shaolin Martial Arts Academy:

Nicolas Souques (France)

I am passionate about martial arts since many years, and it was one of my dreams to come train kung fu in his home place: China.I came here few months ago to become a better man. Today I feel stronger and more confident than ever. That's what martial arts is about, and that's why I'll keep practicing all my life.

My master always pushed me to do my best, so I did great improvement. Thanks too to other masters who trained me occasionally during optional class. When I arrived, I immediately met nice guys who explained me how it works there, so I get use quickly to the academy.

Even if training was hard, be with my friend made me enjoy life every day. I met very nice people here, I'll remember them forever.

Something I love in this place is the simplicity of life. I just had to think about training hard, and how to improve my technique, nothing more.

At the opposite, in my past life in France, my mind was continually absorbed by superficial thoughts and relationships.Another point is: the time run very fast here, and 6 months past as an instant.
I've got no regret; I lived fully the experience and did big progress in my body and mind.

Concerning the translators, sometimes we can have the feeling to lose a little bit,but that's a minor point, and we learn quickly-masters and students-to understand each other’s.

Kunyu Mountains are peaceful and beautiful.About Yantai city, I liked to see the beach. Sometimes I came here in the week-end to party.

Thank you!

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Student from France training kung fu here

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