Martial arts Championship Competition in NanJing City 2017

From June 9 to 11,2017 ,49 students and five masters from Kunyu mountain Kungfu academy took part in the International Martial arts Championship Competition in NanJing City of JiangSu province.We achieved 59 golden prize,25 silver prize,14 bronze prize. There are more than 1000 competitors joined with 150 groups from UK,USA,Canada,Italy and more.

The excellent records we achieved.

The opening Ceremony.

Traditional Chinese Lion Dance performing for Opening Ceremony.

We did the compete in Shaolin kung fu forms,weapons,Wing chun,Tai Chi,Wudang Sword,Baji,etc,some of the photos are listed below:

Wudang Sword.

Sword arts.

Shaolin forms.

Shaolin Staff.

Kung fu weapon: Qiang.

Shaolin kung fu forms.

Wing chun competition.

Wing chun performing.

Tai Chi.

Shaolin Staff performing.

Kung fu journey to Nan Jing.

Visiting  Culture National Museum.

Our students visit its Culture National Museum.

Group Photo in the place the competition take place.