Wing chun Liu Dian Ban Gun

( Six & One Half Point Pole )


our wing chun master performing Liu dian Ban Gun

Wing Chun Liu Dian Ban staff which is also termed as Lok Dim Boon Kwun is translated in English as the “Six and a half Point Pole”.  Wing Chun Liu Dian Ban staff is weapon training for the Wing Chun. The Long Pole is a tapered wooden pole; the length of a normal pole can vary but in most cases its length is around 8 feet but sometimes other poles will go as far as 10 feet but not easily found outside of Hong Kong and Mainland China.

The Long pole is also referred as to as the Dragon Pole by some quarters.  These wing chun forms requires one to use tremendous strength from all parts of the body hence form is essential in developing the back and the shoulders, the biceps and the triceps, the forearm and the wrists plus the legs.Wing Chun Liu Dian Ban stick is a form that involves a series of around seven moves with each of them being the half point. The power that is achieved when wielding the weapon is thereby concentrated at the point of a flexible force.

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