Philip        (UK)    Learn kung fu from Aug to September 2014    

Deepak (who I came with) has been planning the trip for a few years, with his brother; I joined at the last minute. I needed to be more physically strong, as I lost a lot of weight with my vegetarian diet; and I wanted to be more mentally strong, so as to be more disciplined, and develop and control my power (chi).Building core muscle (under the belly button) from Qigong and Mantis training-I understand this to be the base of power. Also extending my understanding of “te”; as in Tao teaching and it is good to practice if in a dynamic, physical sense.


Master Yu, everyday, with his cheerful and light-hearted approach balanced with a serious application of Qigong into training. The teaching from him was above and beyond my expectations. Vive-headmaster (Guo), with his serene countenance providing a shining example for inner, inter to discipline. His Qigong sessions have been an invaluable experience.

Master Xu as a living demonstration of where years of dedication can get you physically—the few times I’ve saw him smile have warmed my heart. Master Liu as one of the shifus closest to my age (21) as an example of an appropriate attitude to have while in such an academy environment. Master Wang, as an example of someone training in a Shaolin academy from a young age (as I understand it) has struck me as a beacon of an openness, honesty and integrity. Master Chen, for giving my two friends Sandip and Deepak both the support, and discipline they came here for. Master Gao, for his cheerfulness and eagerness, especially in referring the Friday Sanda matches. All the translators, who are very approachable, get on well with the students, and have been more than happy to help with any request. I also have enjoyed when the translators, having no immediate work to do, have followed along with the training a bit. And all of the student body, who are like one big family, of which we were immediately taken into. I have leant much on a variety of topics, and weak because of my lack of exercise; I am an artist so all I do is sit and draw. In just one month I have grown a basic set of muscles—my first, small, shoulder muscles, etc. When I came I thought if would be tough, and as I learn I realize how if is just the beginning. I have really gotten into the swing of it, and hope to carry on a high level of exercise when I return to England. I feel much more balanced as I had already practiced meditation and Yoga, which is very internal—now I have a physical exterior to channel the energy I have cultivated. It is great to get back to my natural circadian rhythms(sleep cycles, etc) before my final year at university—‘Carpe Diem’ is a Latin expression meaning ‘seize the day’, and there is a lot that can be done in an environment where you wake up with a crowing Rooster and Qigong at 6:30 in the morning(I would have tried to do more Tai Chi, but did not quite have the muscles or energy levels for that early ).If has been refreshing , revitalizing and reinforcing to have a break from some of my habits, vices and luxuries which I indulge in on a daily basis back home, and disliked the fact that I had began to become jaded. I hope when I return I can enjoy the opportunities in my life with more discipline, both for my own health and sanity, and also so that more of my time and energy can be used selflessly for the benefit of the whole human race.

       The training is not too hard but very fulfilling, the food has been very clean and healthy (hard to find in the west!), and the teaching has been exceptional. I have no complaints.

      Again my stay has been outstanding, and I very much hope to return in the future, The surroundings are breathtaking by the mountings in the background and the clean air are probably the most noticeable, helpful difference from England- it is a lot easier to train here. As for Yantai, and bar street, it is a bit too similar to England? Mostly avoided after the first visit, Muping is much is more interesting. Again the lakes for swimming and resting by have been wonderful. 

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