Trainning review from Predescu

One Year Shaolin Class course from Oct 2016 to Oct 2017.

Predescu Alimin   (Indonesia)               

I chose to study in China due to it is the birthplace of Kung fu and well-known for its different styles of martial arts. The opportunity for me to be able to train at a traditional martial arts school was a rare opportunity and it would be hard for me to turn down. I wanted to come here because of my desire to improve myself physically and mentally.

I have definitely achieved my goals coming here as I have gotten fitter, leaner and stronger physically. What I thought was impossible to do before became a normal thing here. The repetitive training in this school helps you improve every week for example in acrobatics classes. On my first week, I was struggling to do the basic rolls. However, due to the training here, I got over my fears and advanced further than I could imagine. Also, I was struggling to run here at the start of my stay here, but due to the 15 minute runs before every training, running just became a daily routine for me now. Therefore, training here helps develop your ability and brings you to greater heights.

My closest friends here helped me the most during my stay here. Them encouraging me when I feel lazy or when I am afraid to do something just keeps me going. My master always tells me that anything is possible as long as you set your mind to it. The master’s help to improve our basics during training definitely helped me get every movement more precise and standard. Group mates encouraging each other during tough trainnings helps us too. Especially the “Jiayou!” during trainings.

We start normal training at 8:30 am every morning,and outside of training, students would gather around to chill and have a chat. Sometimes, we would train by ourselves outside of training or if we are tired, we can have a nap in our rooms. Translators help us greatly in getting our master’s message to everyone. Without them, we would not understand what our masters want us to do. The relationship built up with our masters over time is priceless. They would offer us with advice or help when needed and they can joke around with us outside of training. This academy has so many people from different parts of the world with different experiences that we can gain so much knowledge from each and every student here. The experience here is priceless and age does not matter here. Even with a huge age gap we can still converse as friends and relate to each other well.

The air in Kunyu Mountain is totally different from what you expect in a bustling city in China. It has a peaceful surrounding where you can meditate and just enjoy the view. The nature here is so beautiful surrounded by mountains and lakes. Access to the supermarket is super near and daily necessities can be found there as well.

Predescu Alimin



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