Quinn and Virginia 's Kung fu experiences in Kunyu mountain academy
USA and Italy
Six month course from Oct to April 2014

Quinn Sargent     (USA)          

 I chose to study kungfu in China because it was the best history of martial arts of any country in the world. I read a book about an American who travelled to China to study shaolin kungfu, I think that give me the motivation and the indea.

 I enjoyed forms classes the most. I learned a few forms and loved every one of them.
My master helped me greatly throughout my stay. I couldn’t have asked for a better Master.Even though there are hardships due to the language barrier, he is still the best martial arts teacher I will probably ever have. Just watching master do his forms was enough motivation to train harder and hope that someday you can look 1/64 as cool as he does.Life here is pretty simple. 
The food here was good.There were a few difficult times where English to Chinese became a problem. But other than that the translators did a great job.The location was great, I thought. Good lakes nearby for swimming, and the Taoism temple for cool pictures. 

 Above all I enjoyed my stay here immensely, and would like to thank everyone here who made my stay possible.

Email: q sslimserious@gmail.com

One month training from April to May

Virginia  Ceripa     (Italy)        

Because I’ve always wanted to visit China and practicing Kung Fu in the place where it was born. The motivation that promoted me to come here is the constant desire to have a new experience in the field of Chinese Martial Arts.Extend my knowledge of Kung Fu, to improve the knowledge of my techniques and fortify my body.

My family and my fellow family.Experience in the academy was very nice although short-lived here. The training is very hard but I liked it a lot, everyday life is much quieter than the one to which they are accustomed, the masters are very good and very kind as well as the translators.The mountains, the landscapes, the temple are beautiful also the Yantai City is beautiful and I especially enjoyed the scenery along the sea, the garden with thugs at the entrance of the city and the old part of the city. 

Email: virgy.xiaohu@gmail.com


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