Rusmus and Nathan's review
Demark | Australia

Three months course from Jan to April 2014 

Rusmus    ( Denmark   )

 I was hoping for an authentic experience,then,I went here, which I feel I got from my master and the general training at Kunyu mountain academy.
My greatest gain is probably the forms I learned, I feel like I got a lot done in only three months. That said I toughly enjoyed Qi gong class in the afternoon.
The biggest influence on my training was obviously shifu, but I got a lot of help and support from the more senior students in the group.I have enjoyed my study Kungfu to the utmost, my shifu has been amazing and it has been an honor to train under such an established martial artist. The daily life has been great for me; I feel there is a good balance between the mandarin and optional classes.

One of the reasons I picked kungfu was because of the surroundings, which have not disappointed. I love the nature and mountains around the school and feel it has improved my experience.

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Two month course from Feb to April 2014

Nathan Zraicat      (Australia  )

I studied karate for 7 years before deciding to come to China. I felt I need a change in styles, and to push myself to do something more challenging. Coming to China was the perfect way to break my routine and experience the culture.

My greatest gain is realizing how hard I can push myself both physically and mentally. This volume of training back home is almost impossible to sustain, and it was an amazing experience to live only for learning Kung Fu for this three months. Physical challenges such as sore knees, or power training which would be too tough back home become part of everyday routine, and mental challenges such as remembering forms and increasing flexibility showed me what we are truly capable of.

Influences from my time here was mostly the Shifus, and the friends I made in the group. The Shifu’s demonstrations of power, and grace were an inspiration, showing me how far I shill have to go on my martial arts journey. My friends and group members also helped push me by creating a positive atmosphere and a competitive environment.
Arriving at the academy, The training was difficult, and mentally, I was ill prepared. After the first 2 weeks, I began to overcome obstacles, make friends, and settle down to the routine here. My body was aching more than ever before, but it was bearable. Now, after 3 months of constant improvement in my strength, speed, flexibility, and knowledge, and continue to improve when I get home.

Environment is perfect. Good balance of serenity nature. With the convenience of shops and nearly cities.

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