Reviews from Family group Sandrine | Kunyu mountain academy

One month course in March 2017 Year

Sandrine leila (France) Adam, Soan    

(Tai Chi class and Shaolin Kung fu class)

Firstly I would like to thank everyone here at Kunyu mountain academy for this very good experience for our family. We came the three of us, 2 adults and 1 child, a seven-year-old boy. We didn't practice kungfu before. Our only knowledge was from 20 years ago when I practiced tai chi. so it was all new to us. It was my dream to come to China to train Tai chi so I'm very glad we managed to come together to share this dream with my child. 

We wanted him to learn to focus to find his own mind to give up phones and computers for a while, one month. Although we are not transformed in a month, being here was really good as we discussed a lot together. After the masters taught us and also we had more time together. Our greatest gain was both physical and mental we do feel better after one month here, practicing, being outside a lot, playing also basketball and table tennis. 

The masters were all good and attentive to our needs, especially to our boys. We told his Master to be tough and help us teach him to focus, and the master helped him a lot he also encouraged him A lot and praised him a lot in front of the group it was very nice also special thanks to coach Ariel for the Qi gong classes and his attention for the child. The monitors and advanced students were very helpful and I liked watching the older students practicing and living a peaceful life here. The mountains are superb and thanks for the trip to the big mountain. 


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