Fourth time to Join us

Shanghai American School

"Crouching Students,Hidden Eagles"- Shaolin Martial Arts Trip in May 2018

It is the 4th time for the group of Shanghai American school to learn and experience traditional Shaolin,Wing chun,Chi kung,meditation and self defense skills,etc in Kunyu mountain Shaolin Kung fu academy.

Their focus is on kung fu styles for health benefits and be able to bring these skills to positive way in their study life style and be Strong in the time with spiritual growth benefits offered here.

Meditation and Chi kung in Kunyu mountain.

Sanda and self defense skills

Massage class.



In 2017 May,this is the third time that the group of Shanghai American school (include three teachers and 17 students) 

Chi Kung and Meditation Training in Kunyu mountain.

Learning forms of Shaolin kungfu.

Chi kung training.

Shaolin Weapon:Staff training.

Wing chun Chuan learning.

Kunyu mountain Shaolin academy

Shaolin Forms

Kunyu mountain Shaolin academy China

Chinese kickboxing kicks

Kunyu mountan

Application of Wing chun introduction.

Short Kung fu performance during the other students' exam in Kunyu academy.

Spring Marital arts Trip to Kunyu mountain Shaolin Kung fu academy.