Shaolin Luo han Chuan

The Shaolin Luohan Chuan is also known as the Luo han fist or “Arhat boxing” in literally meaning.  It was created by monks in the China Shaolin Temple according to its traditional story of creation.In ancient time,the Shaolin monks created it by observing plus imitating the forms and the expressions from each of Arhat Statue found in the Shaolin Temple of China. Learning the Luohan fist is an important matter in the Chinese Shaolin Martial Arts Training.

The Shaolin Luohan fist-kunyu mountain shaolin martial arts academy China

By meditating and constant practice the monks managed to create a form by the name “eighteen hand movements of Arhat”, the form included eighteen good combat skills and their techniques. Then using the skills around 24 new movements were created for both advancing and retreating when on combat.


 The Shaolin Arhat Boxing which is the same as the Luohan fis has  a total of 108 various movements from six forms of fist movements and two palm forms of movements and other four forms of both locking and grappling. Each of the movement of Arhat Boxing is differentiated and is simple and straight. Practical each of the movement takes pride on the simplicity plus the beauty of expressions found in the Arhat Statutes. Each of the powerful attack is also hidden within the movements of each Arhat forms.

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