What is Shaolin Xiao Hong Chuan

Shaolin Xiao Hong Chuan

Shaolin Xiao Hong Chuan (also known as Small Form Hong Boxing in English) is one of the basic shaolin forms in Chinese Shaolin martial arts. The movement is simple and plain but attack and protection are very exact and precise. The position is small  and requires sudden and quick strength with a secret force, as well as coupling hardness with softness and the compulsory form.

The body techniques are not completely bend and straight, and it usually involves jumping forward when falling across, and rolling forward and backward. It is a set of rare shaolin boxing classics. Our shaolin masters here come from shaolin temple with rich teaching experiences that can guarantee students gain the real technical method transmission in  Shaolin kung fu training.

Here are some movements of Shaolin Xiao Hong fist in the diagram below:


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