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One year course from 2017 Feb to 2018 Feb.

Alana Pamela Becker  (UK)    

I chose China because I wanted to improve my fitness and challenge myself and change my lifestyle for the better. This school has helped me do that.My greatest gain has been improves fitness.

Many old students helped me and gave me great advice on training and how to do things completely. The masters were also very helpful, especially master Gao who influenced my training a lot and always pushed me to do better and challenge myself.

My experience in the academy was fantastic, there are great people here and the training was challenging and fun, I learnt a lot,and daily life is very peaceful. The translators are all very nice and willing to help with whatever you need. I have nothing but respect for the Masters they are strict but fair and they are constantly pushing to make you the best version of yourself, they care about your training and put a lot of effort and time into training you.

The mountains and lakes surrounding the academy are beautiful and pictures perfect. Yantai city is great and the air quality is amazing.


Alana spent one year course here.

Caroline Herman    ( Belgium )          One month course in Feb  2018   

I was studying in Shanghai and as I had some holidays there, I decided to spend them in Kunyu mountain Martial art school to have a new experience. I never did Kungfu before or any other martial art, but I wanted to give it a try and it turned out I really like it! Even if I stayed only one month I tried to get the most out of it. I enjoyed learning the forms but discovered that I really like Sanda too. The key word from my classes with master Gao is: explosive power! Mostly my classmates and more experienced students taught and helped me, I am very grateful to them! The hardest part during my stay here was getting up every morning at 5.50 am to go to Taichi, but once I got there it was worth it. The most special part about this school is the people from all around the world you meet, it is so enriching! I think that they make the school and your experience what it is. Going for walks, mostly without tracks to follow, was always a pleasure. Especially after being a long time in a big city, the silence and peace of the mountains was more than welcome.

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Damien Evan Battistin       (Australia )  Three Year course from  2015 Feb to 2018 Year.
I came to China kunyu mountain to learn kungfu because I believe that the level of skill Chinese masters have is still miles ahead of what I have access to back home. I had a fantastic and quick three years here and the best thing I think I've gained is the experience of watching the younger Chinese boys here grow, and not just their martial ability but I got to see how Chinese kungfu can help you develop as a person. And lastly I want to thank all the masters for everything they have taught me and to the translators for all of their help.



Three Years Course in Kunyu mountain.

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