Some photos of Chi kung class and masters are listed below:

Master using the palm breaking a piece of 20cm-thickess stone. 


 Master breaking a piece of tofu with a single hand on top of a piece of marble

without damaging the tofu(bean curd).

                                               learn Chi kung
                                            Students  following master learning Chi kung in the morning.

Developed internal Chi and meditation on Kunyu mountain.(Updated photo in 2018)

learn Chi kung with master.
Students are following master learning healing Chi kung.

Ariel from America breaking the hard flagstone with palm without 

any assistance of pressing on the another side of Stone.

Ariel break the hard stick by external Chi kung from belly.

Students following master doing sun form Qigong                     

Students are following master doing dynamic Qigong

Students from Norway and England are conditioning hands on the tree

Students from Norway and England conditioning hands on the tree .