The couple's review

One month in May 2014

David and Angela   (Performance artists ) Couple  from USA   

This is my second time training martial arts in China and my wife is the first time. I like training in China because I have no distractions and I can focus in what I am training.My wife came because she wanted to improve her skills too.My greatest gain was remembering basics and forms I once knew and had forgotten, also I feel my conditioning improved. I also learned a lot in Taichi and Qigong. My wife also enjoyed the internal classes and learning Shaolin, which was a challenge for both of us.Our master was our main instructor and he helped us a lot with forms, basics, stretching and showed an awesome sparing for us. Gao Shifu helped us a lot in Sanda and conditioning, which was a workout. For internal classes we had multiple Shifu so we got help from all of them and learned a lot as well.

We really enjoyed waking up early and starting the day with Taichi and Chigong, we both felt great afterwards. The food was good but after a while you start craving for a different taste. Our warm up runs down the road were beautiful, we really enjoyed the views of the mountains, the flowers along the way, the lake and the fresh air and nice sounds of the birds and running water. Our training was good too; we came here to focus more on acrobatics, weapons and application, which application was partly much the only thing we got to train most, because we trained a lot with shaolin master and we really like Sanda, so we did a lot of Sanda which was really good conditioning training training but we were hoping to get more training on acrobatics.master was awesome, he was learnt and taught us really well, I’m glad we had him as our instructor. All the translators are great, super nice and easy to understand. We enjoyed taking Chinese class with them and it was still really fun,. We didn’t get a chance to try out any of other classes because we were training all day, but maybe next time.

The surroundings are beautiful and the locals are super nice, we loved walking around and taking hikes up the mountains.

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