Family training kung fu in 2019
USA | Aug 2019

Family Groups Training Kung fu here(Three reviews in the page with handwritten ones attached below)

(One Months course) in Aug 2019  )   

 Family group from Eliana and  Kamala 


 From mother:Kamala Keakouer                  Email:     In Chicago, my daughter has a really good Kungfu teacher. However he doesn’t offer intensive training. I believed we could come to China for authentic intensive training. I selected Kunyu Mountain Martial Arts Academy because I believed that it would be intensive without going overboard, that the academy was large enough that it could accommodates both my daughter’s and my needs. 

For me my greatest gain was feeling that my body was strong and capable. The master, his assistants and many of the students supported and helped me. loved that the academy was in the mountain. It was great to take walks in the evening. The air quality was fantastic. 

From Daughter:Eliana Mae Eisenstein 

 I thought it would be a interesting and new experience that would definitely challenge me. My endurance is a lot better. I can run much longer and train much harder. I also think that my legs are stronger now which made my stances better. 

My masters they encouraged me through out my stay here and inspired me to do better. My training, though hard, was very exciting and fun. The reason I enjoyed the training as much as I did was because of the masters who taught me lots. The translators were very nice and helpful. I liked living here it was a very simple lifestyle.

 The scenery is beautiful and I loved swimming in the lake, it was not even cold. One of my favorite classes here is when we climb up the mountain. I had never really seen anything like the temple up the mountain, it was beautiful.        


Three months course till Aug 2019 

 Sweyn Mestrel    (From France)   Facebook: Sweyn Mestrel     


 My brother advised me and I did not see any better place than China Kunyu Mountain to learn Kungfu. I found the training and Masters perfect. It motivated me to do my best, and I can see the result today. My brother and my coach helped me a lot and also influenced me during my training. But I also thanks for all the elder students of my class who helped me. 

My experience at the academy was really amazing, we get used to training quickly and the days go by very fast. The masters and translators are all excellent and have helped me a lot to feel at home. The environment and the setting is perfect, the mountain and the national part are beautiful and I’m allowed to enjoy nature.      




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