Two kung fu reviews from Sophia and Pablo who learn Kung fu for one year in Kunyu academy
USA | Spain the feeback Written in Jan 2021

My Impression of the School Life

Sophia Bevilacqua From America    Two Years course till Dec 2020

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1. I chose China to learn kung fu due to the influence of my god-sister (relative) Lydia, a former student at Kunyu Shan. She offered to help me follow my new-found interest in martial arts, and without her support I likely would not have discovered my love for kung fu. At first I came to further my physical education and get a healthy state of mind and body, but the longer I stayed the more I realized that martial arts is a way of life--one that I am happy to have found.


2. My greatest gain from my training is my confidence. I came here as a shy 15 year old girl and am leaving as a much more balanced 17 year old, ready to take on the challenges of the world. I can clearly say that Kunyu Shan was a large part of my maturation on my journey to adulthood.

3. The people who influenced me in my life here are numerous. First and foremost, my master, Master Guo. Without him, I'm sure I wouldn't be where I am today. Coach Loc also was the one to get me on my feet and instill discipline into my mind. Along with countless friends and acquaintances who pushed me along on my journey. And my best friend Yehoshua, who is a disciple of Master Sun. He motivated me just by being himself, he was an exceptional student and a role model for everyone around him.

4. My experience in Kunyu Shan varied a lot depending on how long I had been here, but to generalize it, the first year or so of my training was like seeing a brand new and exciting world. I was not in shape at all when I arrived but by the time my first year was over, I saw huge improvements in my strength, endurance, and health. This is because of the rigorous training taught by my masters and enforced by coach. I attended all optional classes as well, which gave me an insight into Chinese culture. In my second year, Covid-19 had changed the school somewhat but I still loved training each day. Despite my injuries preventing me from doing what I want to, I still gave my all. I had no issues with the living facilities, food, staff, or anything during my time.


5. Kunyu Mountain International Martial Arts Academy is situated in a gorgeous mountain landscape, and I have been privileged to experience all four beautiful seasons. The nature surrounding the school is wonderful any time of year.


Name: Pablo De Bergia Peralta     Nationality: Spain

Arriving Date: 30/12/2019    Leaving Date: 30/11/2020


Instagram (social media): @pablobergia

1.- I chose to study Kungfu in China for two principle reasons: first because I believe studying Kungfu near the original cultural source is very important in order to understand and blend with the knowledge and morality associated with martial arts. I always wanted to learn Kungfu and I’m very proud and grateful that I finally gave myself the opportunity to travel here and learn.

2.- My greatest gain training here has yet to slowly reveal itself, as I believe the gains I take from this experience will manifest throughout the rest of my life in different ways. Particularly I have gained personal and human growth, as well as self-confidence and ability to be disciplined, humble and patient with anything I do.

3.- I feel most influenced by my Master of course, Shifu Guo. But I have felt a lot of support and kindness from everybody in the staff of school, especially all the translators which do a marvelous job as being the link between students and School. Other students have been very helpful as well and I’ve learned a lot from all of them, specially monitors like Vick/Theo/Brett/Simon.

4.- I think the brief summary of my experience is contained already within the answers of the rest of the questions in this questionnaire. It is hard to put in words so much experienced here, but I am happy to have trained here and very grateful, and I will surely want to return some time in the future to continue with my training and perhaps get my master’s degree.

5.- The surroundings of the academy are breathtaking, the mountains, the air, the temple, the lakes...the different and rich colors and sights depending on different seasons of the beautiful. Yantai City is great too, but we haven’t been able to stay there much because it’s been a strange and complicated year due to the Covid situation ;)

6.- Thank you. I hope the School can get soon running again like normal with new students coming from every side of the world. All my gratitude, respect and blessings for everyone that I have met here and work in the Academy! 




Pablo trained Wing chun for more than one year.

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