Wing chun review of Gundula
Training from July to Aug 2015

Gundula Klaas  (German)    

I arrived in China nearly one year ago to study Chinese at Nanjing University (Nanjing is inland city of Jiangsu Province of South China). Now i am in summer holidays and i wanted to stay in China to improve my Chinese. As i am interested in martial art and as i am in China, i wanted to learn Kungfu.
Martial arts training can teach you a lot, also about yourself. It was hard for me in the beginning because i hadn’t done much exercise during my study in Nanjing. So i had to force myself to keep on doing, trying not to be disappointed that i couldn’t do as well as the others, just trying to keep on doing my best.

Everyone helped me if i had a problem. My master  was really nice and especially the translator who picked me up at the train station helped me a lot. I think the other student influenced me the most. They are all very nice and open-minded and i discussed a lot with them, especially with my room-ate who are learning martial arts when she was 4 years old and was training very hard since then.

I really liked the Wing Chun training. I think master  is a very good. I think the training schedule is good, it’s different every day and we have a lot of time to practice or do something else.

The surroundings of the academy are great! That’s the reason why I chose this academy because i want to leave Nanjing, a big and quite polluted city, and stay somewhere on the country, side in the mountains where the air quality and the weather is good. It was also to visit Yantai city because it’s very different from Nanjing and it’s nice that you can even go to the beach on the seaside.


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