From March 26 to March 28 ,2015,some of our students took part in the 13th Chinese kung fu Competitions held by Hongkong,and got gold & silver medal in different kung fu styles,such as  Shaolin kungfu,Wing chun,Tai chi,Baji Chuan.

we took part in this competiton

Masters and students took part in this competition.

gold metal-kunyu mountain shaolin academy

The students got 8 gold medal and 8 silver medal.

The students are in competition.

hongkong compeititon-kunyu mountain shaolin school

In the competition

Students traveling in Hongkong

Finished the championship successfully.


In April of 2015,we took part in performance show held by Kunyu mountain.

Students and wing chun master.

student performing in Taoism temple.

Some of students and masters took part in performing.