duclos I chose China because it is, be my mind, the best country to learn Kung fu
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One month Summer Shaolin kung fu course in August 2016

Duclos Jordan (France)

I went to China to study Kungfu because of China’s history of being an amazing place to learn martial arts. I also wanted to travel and live a different experience. My greatest gain from my martial arts learning in Kunyu mountain academy is a strong mind and body. I have now more discipline and motivation in my doing help. I really enjoyed the calligraphy and massage class that are releasing.

Jamal was great! (Incredible person inside and outside to help us new students). Of course master Gao and the whole group ambition. William, Lewis, Marvin were of great help also. Thank you everyone!

Training is very intense and quite hard (especially at first week if you are most enjoyed to it). Master Gao and the group gain and make a great ambiance that motivates everyone (more power, speed, moreover) especially in times and power training. The masters are very nice. Daily life is great! We all learn to know each other. I wish that I could be staying longer in Kunyu shan.

The surroundings are amazing, very beautiful. The air is great! Yantai and Muping are great on the weekends to change atmospheres. Thank you very much! Will think to come back.

Email :jordanduclos@yahoo.fr

Kunyu mountain review from French students,Melvin and Jordan

Varteressian Melvin      (France)

I chose China because it is, be my mind, the best country to learn Kung fu; it is where it comes from. I also wanted to visit China and see the Asian culture.

I really think that all the classes are important (I’d say necessary) but what I prefer is: forms, mountain conditioning and Qi Gong, and acrobatics. I also loved calligraphy what I found relaxing.

Jamal did an insane job, helping us (new students) during classes and even gave us private lessons so we can properly do the basics. William, Andy and Lewis helped me a lot too even outside of the classes. Of course our master Gao influenced me a lot.

The training is neatly, intense and hard but the ambiance of our group is so great, master Gao always know how to motivate us and the result is that our group is always in a good mood, it’s more like a family. The translators are really kind and it is a pleasure.

It is simply amazing; all the surroundings (the lake, the temple, the mountain...) are perfect. I haven’t seen enough of Yantai to say how it is but it looks great.

Email :melvin.vart@gmail.com

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