Kelly Two Months course kung fu reviews
New Zealand

Two months training till Feb 2014.

Kelly (New Zealand)

I had just finished my degree in acupuncture, tuina and Chinese medicine, and had been learning Taiji. I had an instructor who knew Bagua and wanted to come here to learn the Bagua style from its country of origin. I have been training in martial Arts for many years and have always wanted to spend some time in Asia training.

 The greatest gain I have had from my time here is both the solid basics of Bagua hat I have learned during my short stay and also the amazing new friendships I have forged while I have been here.

Everyone at Kunyu academy was very helpful and friendly during my stay. The boys in the Bagua group were especially good to me during my stay, and master showed endless patience and pushed me to work harder and learn more. I am very grateful to all of them for this.

I adored training and living at Kunyu Academy. The master are strict but fair and always trying to push you to strive for your best effort. The translators are very friendly and very helpful. The food was very good and more than adequate for the traing. The rooms here were mostly good too, but the end room with three windows needs better curtains-it was as cold as the hallways in winter.And the other students were just amazing. Everyone was friendly and helpful. They let me know what to expect and when and even took exceptionally good care of me when I was sick for tow days. The students are a real credit to Kunyu Academy. it is  an amazing place and I hope I will return soon.

The surroundings of the academy are breath taking. Mountain run Fridays were my awesome. On weekends I often went walking with friends up the mountain to the summit or to Immortal’s Peak. The Kunyu Mountains are very beautiful.

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