Laura and Kenny (Two Months course)

Two months shaolin kung fu course from Nov 2013 to Jan 2014

Kenny and Laura(USA)

Going China kunyu academy to study Kung Fu because of the history and traditions here surrounding these martial arts,Surrounding countryside here is very nice. Good environment for training, clean and peaceful. The city we located provides a nice change for pace to relax from a hard week trainingOur greatest gains are more physical in that we are stronger, more flexible and have more endurance. We also have a even greater respect for the people who have endured this training their whole lives and have become masters.

Day to day, life has been busy and good. It took a couple weeks to adjust our bodies to the activity level and yet over muscle soreness. Our classes consisted of the two primary morning classes and the 1 afternoon class. Until end of our stay, we did not have energy to join the extra classes. Much time between training was spent eating, sleeping or socializing. Our shaolin master was excellent. Classes were hard for us but in a good way. He was preparing us to have the strength and endurance to learn Kung Fu properly. He also was good at explaining /showing how to do techniques correctly. He is patient and a good teacher. The translators were good at their jobs and approachable, very friendly with good English skills and helpful at solving problems.Influences include our Shifu (Shifu in Chinese mean master) our teammates, and translators. Our Master for inspiration, teammates for support and translators as the softer side such intense training.



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China Kunyu Mountain Shaolin Martial Arts Academy

Kunyu mountain Natural Conservation District, Yantai City, Shandong Province, China. Postal Code: 264100

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Learn traditional Shaolin martial arts and Chinese culture in Sacred Kunyu mountain,birthplace of Taoism.

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