mark I thoughtfully enjoyed my time

Two months course from July to September 2016

Mark Gustavsson       (Australia) 

The review from China Kunyu mountain Kung fu academy

Mark and other students in our Kunyu Mountain.

I chose to study Kungfu in china because I have interested in learning martial arts I china since I come to China in 2015. I graduated from university and had been working for a year so I thought it would be a good time to take some time off and pursue my interest in Chinese martial arts.

During my staying at Kunyu martial Academy I think my greatest gain has been the knowledge of Shaolin Kungfu and tai ji I have gained from the masters, as well as the knowledge about myself, what my limits are and areas where I can continue improving when I return home. I have enjoyed daily life and training here. I am happy with the standard of care, in particular the amazing meals the chef and dining hall staff prepared for us every day. Please give them a big thank you for me! 

Also the translators were always helpful and enjoyable to communicate with. Special mention to Susan, Sue, Bella and Nora – these four translators are huge assets to Kunyu academy. I appreciated the masters – they pushed us hard and they were also understanding of our limited experience in martial arts. I also enjoyed speaking with the masters from time to time with my very limited mandarin. 

The surrounding environment is spectacular, plus it was invaluable to have other facilities nearby like a supermarket, bank, restaurant and lake to swim. I thoughtfully enjoyed my time here and will recommend Kunyu Mountain Academy to my friends.    


Tai Chi training review from Kunyu Mountain

Mark and master in Kunyu mountain academy 2016.

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