Three months course from beginning of March to end of May

Laura Jane Ellis Brown       (UK) 

Laura will return in March 2017 for one Year course.

After 4 years of studying mantis kung fu, I decided to travel to China to study kung fu in a traditional setting,then,I came to traditional Kunyu Mountain Shaolin Kung fu academy.

From my time training here, I have greatly improved in basic training and have furthered my skills in mantis Kung fu. Aside from the Shaolin Kung fu, I have also learnt a great deal about myself and have many lifelong friends.

Life in the academy is amazing. The training is challenging and intense making it an incredibly worth while experience. The masters are professional, patient and well experienced people. The lessons I have learnt from them in regards to training, treatment of others and in everyday life, I will take with me as I continue forward in life.

The area surrounding the academy is truly majestic. I have gained from the locals, who diligently care for the land, a new appreciation for nature.

Overall my experience has been an awesome one and I would definitely recommend the school to anyone.