The feedback from Aaron Yoshida (One Year course ) review
One Year Course from Feb 2015 to Jan 2016

Aaron Yoshida    (USA) 

I have enjoyed my time and training with Master Guo in Kunyu mountain.  His is a great and kind shifu. Even though  I know my Kung fun is not that good and I know I need more time and practice at it. He was kind and helpful In my training, and never got upset at me if I forgot something. His is a very understanding Master and man, and has been a big influence to myself and others. I can only hope to be half as good at Kung fu as he is.  

In the time that I have been here at kunyu mountain academy I have lost a good amount of body fat and gained Muscle in its place. I came to the school with 23%body fat and I am leaving with about 12-13%body fat. I have become stronger and faster because  of my training and time here at the school. I was a very unhappy man before I came here to train, but because  of the time,training and people I am now leaving much happier  and  feel at peace and have and over all feeling of calm. And I thank shifu Guo, another wing chun master and the translators as well as some of the students for this. During my time here I have made many friends from all over the world and will always remember  them and my shifus and the staff here at kunyu shan.

The people that most influenced me here at the school is wing chun masters,as well as some of the students( loc, ariel and others) these shifus and students were very helpful and kind people and I'll always be great full for their help and teachings. The training here at the school is hard but very enjoyable.

The seasons at the school is nice in spring time,hot in the summer,beautiful in the fall and cold in the winter. The surrounding  area is beautiful. The air clean. It's about 45 minutes away from moping and about 2 hours from yantai if you go via bus which is the cheapest way to go to yantai. But if you take the taxi it's about 1 hour away,but it does cost more. Yantai is a nice city by the sea and has some nice shops and malls to go to. Muoping is a smaller city but still very nice place. I love the noodle shops. And the street food on the market  street is good as well.

I have been here at kunyu shan for 1 year now and I am really sad to be leaving, but I know my time here is at a end(this time). I hope to return in the future. So that I can finish my training  in both Wing Chun and Baji with shifu Guo. I want to thank shifu Guo and liu for you time and patience in training me while I was here. I will never forget it or My training. Thank you so much for everything you have given me....

Wing chun review from Kunyu mountain

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