Loc -(French) Returning students 

                                  (Training for more than Two years till 2016)

Loc took part in the performance 

In 2011, at the end of my engineer studies, I decided to go in Kunyu mountain Shaolin kung fu school to learn more about Chinese martial arts. The three months I spent really open my mind and amplified my interest for it. I was studying Shaolin here, but also kept going to master Guo’s Qi Gong class every day.  When I came back I kept practicing and did some research about Chinese internal styles, that where totally new to me.

After a few months working in big Company, I noticed that most of the time, powerful people take advantage of the others; especially kind people are often exploited if they don’t know how to answer to aggressive management. Lot of people lost the connexion to their own body and mind and let bad habits slowly but surely draining their energy and make them weak, make it very hard for people to overcome the difficulties. To me, martial art is one of the best ways to overcome the common demons that the westerner’s life is bringing and all the bad and unhealthy habits, so I started to plan to come back to train in China for a longer time.

I finally came back after two years to train with master Guo. By training and observing my master, I am now convinced that he is the perfect model as a martial artist, as a teacher, and as a man: he has as well high technical skills, a great patience and a clever way to teach, he is able to adapt to any people wanting to learn and help them to get the best of the training. Last but not least, master also show the best example of good morality and principles. He often insist on the fact that martial arts is not just about having good skills at combat or forms, but also to develop our inner strength, our willpower, good health habits, and a “Gentlemanly” attitude. He show by his example that kindness is not a weakness, and that a man can be very powerful and at the same time honest , calm, and still being respected. 

student loc from Kunyu mountain shaolin martial arts academy

This spirit has also been spread to the group, which is like a big family. Older student take care of new students. Training here is not easy every day, sometimes you will have small injuries and pain, sometimes you will feel exhausted in your body or in your mind, but you always have someone to rely on: your kung fu brothers and sisters, the elder students, the translators, the masters. Even for the people that are a little bit shy or not comfortable in a group, as long as they take their training seriously they will feel part of this family, by working hard together people are building a strong link. When I started, I had a lot of trouble as well for the physical and technical part: my stamina was very bad and I had a lot of trouble remembering all the moves. But thanks to hard work and thanks to the older students, who always took time to show me things again and correct my mistakes, I did better and better. In November 2015 I had a little accident on my knee during a sparring. I remember all the people taking care of me, other students as well as the working staff, translators and masters. This experience, even if it start with an accident, was very heartwarming, I really feel like I have a home here. Thanks to all this support I was able to recover quite well. I also had a lot of support to help me coming back to training and to be more careful.

The surrounding contributes to a beautiful, peaceful atmosphere. It’s a pleasure to see the colors of the landscape change with the different seasons. The winter is  cold and summer very warm. If you need a little bit change you can travel to the closest city, Muping,  and get any supply useful for your daily life. You can also enjoy some good chinese food in the restaurants. For special occasion and if you really miss western food, you can also go to Yantai, which is a bigger city.

I am still training at Kunyu mountain and plan to stay for a longer time, so if have any questions about daily life or training here, feel free to contact me. I would be glad to answer you. 

Email : loc.alexandre.le.van@gmail.com