This enviroment is great place the review from Lewis
Australia & UK

Two month course During July and Aug

Lewis Edward (Australia )            

It was a combination of things. I always wanted to learn martial arts. I wanted to fully immerse myself in this training. To do this in Australia is very costly and difficult. In China it’s possible. Also the maters level are of a fantastic quality and have learned kung fu through whole lives. Also i have never been in China. I wanted an experience,then,I was here.

I got an appreciation of mental strength. This environment is a great place to learn the foundations of mental strength, pushing you physically an example. The environment lends itself to nature a positive self discipline in you. Also I have gained other element to my fitness which I am very happy about. I enjoyed mandarin class very much. I found Bella and Susan very helpful in explaining the language to me. They have a very good grasp of English. This makes learning from them very good.

A big influence obviously from my master gao as he oversees my training every day. Older students Zac, Adline and Andreas who are fantastic. Giving their time to help me in my forms or techniques, they were very helpful ‘gold stars’ for them - They helped me transition from newbie to learning faster within the group. Oh and Jamal! He was great giving team spirit all the time. It was a pleasure to train all the time with him. Even if the training was physically demanding. It was fun!

2 months is not enough! I really feel now l am learning. I was just hitting my stride with the training and kung fu techniques. I will endeavor to build on what I have gained back home. The training is great! Master gao is a great master asides from his obvious skill at overseeing our training. I really appreciated his group talks. He took the time to try and get us understand certain concepts and ideas on a deeper level. He fosters spirit within the group which improves training. He is great. Translators are very helpful again special mention to Bella and Sue. They are very good at communicating which makes day to day training and learning so much easier.

I love the mountains and the area we train in. I didn’t see too much of Yantai but I prefer the academy. It really has all I need here. I am a glass half full kind of guy.


Two month course from July to Sep 2016

Vishal      (UK)            

I came to China to get certain discipline, also i got motivated when a friend came back and told me about new experience.The biggest gain was physical fitness from the daily training and mental health from Qigong every evening.The students had a good wormy mentality which helped me a lot and the Shifu Meng also pushed me a lot, thus allowed me to highly gain a lot from the training.

The daily life at training was fine, the schedule was also fine. I am glad I had Shifu Meng. He helped me a lot. The translators are all really friendly and good at their job.
The environment around the school is fantastic.


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