Mohan from India reviews
Training From August 2015 to Oct 2015

Mohan.B.N      (India)         

I wanted to travel to a foreign country. But I didn’t just want to be a tourist. I wanted to learn something too. Doing something physically demanding to get back into a fitness reginne was my intention. China has always been famous for Kungfu. So, I found this trip  to kunyu mountain academy  as the right combination of choice.

The importance of disciplined practice has definitely registered in my mind. The necessity to have a flexible strong body has increased its priority in the list of things. I want to accomplish. The shaolin forms have given me a lot of confidence as well. Their application have definitely made a significant impact on the knowledge of self-defence. Optional classes like Taichi showed that speed is not the only influencing factor. With covered technique having a calm an relaxed mind you can still practice KUNGFU. The mandarin classes were beneficial to learn some basic important forms that could be useful in daily life. Qigong was a tough challenge to focus the mind for longer period of time. I would want to practice more of that for sure. Taoism and acupuncture classes gave good insight into the vastness of the respective subject.

A big thanks to the headmaster who conceived such an idea of school. translators helped a lot everyday during training and other times too. OUR master—shifu gao put lot of attention to details so that we could learn things perfectly. His advices have helped many of us during training. last, but not the least, the amazing set of students from all across the world. Most of them were friendly enough to share their knowledge and spare some time on weekends to teach. Daily training would be as per schedule .I could sleep for 8 hours and get the best rest to be ready for the next day. 

The school has an amazing surrounding atmosphere. The nature comprising of the beautiful lake and wonderful mountains is a best to watch every morning. Sitting and watching the black sky with stars at night is amazing. I traveled to yantai city only to eat in MC Donald’s. Overall, it’s been a wonderful enjoyable and learning experience for me in the school. thanks to every one.


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Kunyu mountain Natural Conservation District, Yantai City, Shandong Province, China. Postal Code: 264100

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