Natinella review form Kunyu mountaiin shaolin kungfu academy
Israel & Esthonia

Trained for six months from July 2014 to Jan 2015

Natinella Inesseih      (Israel )

The reason I choose China to study kungfu is because it is always been a dream for me, to go to a shaolin temple and study kungfu from a Chinese master. The motivation came from the knowledge that in general get the most authentic training and my progress will be faster in china.

I can’t begin to describe all that I have gained since I got here. I have learned Wingchun, Taichi, Shaolin, Sanda (Chinese kickboxing), Chigong. Through all those classes I have learned patience, endurance, perseverance and humility. I have gained outer and inner training.

My master definitely influenced me the most for me, he represents martial arts beautifully. He is always present, watching and noticing each and every student, takes time to explain exactly what every move is, never losing his patience or desire to teach. He gave me the training I dreamt about- a shifu that teaches you not only the moves and the applications- but also the Kungfu way of life and flow.

The other person that I cherish is Shaun, he is a true friend, and an honest and trustworthy person- he was always willing to help- not just me but everyone in the academy. Master Xu and Shaun are the way I am going to remember China.

My notice at the academy was very comfortable. I did get lazy and stopped going for Taji. But besides that the classes was amazing, as I already said- my master  and al the translators gave me amazing experience And made my training so much more meaningful.

The surroundings of the academy are perfect top-off to the training, the view is amazing, the air is clear and it makes it much easier to train when you have such beautiful mountains, lakes……Thank you so much for a great experience, thank you Master and translator, you will always be remembered.

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She trained for six month for shaolin kung fu

Aivar Vomn   (Esthonia )         Three weeks training  in Jan of 2015

I started with Qigong 1 year ago. I was interested in taiji and kungfu as well. When I heard one of my friends visited Shaolin School and I was sure I would study kungfu, taiji and qigong in china, the birthplace of martial arts.  As I am a leader in my company and I am always very busy.  Then I decided to come in January when the work is not so busy.  Everyday I am managing my company and leading my staff. I came to study as a manager and also I can get leading experience.

I learned many exercises of kungfu and started with taiji and I learned many movements and for qigong, I also learned a lot. Because these are improving myself inside.

I like my master. He is so helpful in everything. I also like my group, all people helped me a lot. Especially Brent and Keegan also helped me a lot.

I like everything, hard training, shifu xu’s advise and temple here. Translators are very well developed and very helpful.  Master Xu is super. He knows everything so well and he can give some advice to us as well.  Food was good and tasty.

Unfortunately, I would leave kunyu school and I would like to be back.

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