Six month scourse from Feb to Aug 2014.

Nicholas Comley  (South Africa)

I spent six months to study at Kunyu mountain shaolin kung fu school and it is amazing.
I thought if I wanted to learn kung fu, I would go to the original place to learn it, China. My motivation was that I’ve always loved kung fu and wanted to learn about it,so I came to Kunyu mountain academy.

Except I studied a lot kung fu include Bagua basics,Bagua DaiLing Palm,Bagua switch plam,Chi kung,Dragon Bagua,Xingyi,Staff,Bagua application,Mantis sparring Eight style,Eight Switch palm,Bagua Sword and Mantis Eight style,and I also gained more discipline and strength from continuous training everyday.My experience here has been really fun especially the acrobatics and flexibility training, they are my favorite. I am really glad my master smile and made jokes sometimes, it made training a lot more fun.

I am really glad the air was clean, not like Beijing airport (captial city of China) and it was really nice to cool off after a hot day in the lake. I think it would have been nice to grow some vegetables in the garden patch in our spare time.

Learn Mantis and Bagua in Kunyu mountain China