Tai Chi review

One month Tai Chi Class in Aug 2016

Or Steiner    (Israel)

I was training Tai Ji for about a year and Qi Gong for about 3 years. I was looking to improve my Tai Ji skills, but also learn new form and style in the country that created this great martial art.

My greatest gain during my time here is fitness and flexibility that helped my body practice the Tai Ji in a much better way. I also will mention the calligraphy class which was special 40 minutes in a week.

Many people helped me during my stay and made it much easier. My master, Master Chen made sure that I will understand each part of the movements that we have been thought, and showed us again and again! But the ones that I have learned from the most were my friends to the class, who not only helped me perform better, but also made the lessons much more enjoyable.

The day at the academy starts very early with Tai Chi in order to wake up, after that, Qi Gong. After breakfast we start our training day with warm up running and some exercise. In the Tai Ji class we practice our form, applications, kicks, and punches, push hands, power stretching, power training and Tai Ji Gong. Before dinner we practice Qi Gong for about 45 minutes, which is very useful for someone that trains Tai Ji. The translators are always there with each group, so we can understand our master, and he can answer our questions.
The best thing about the academy is Kunyu Mountain; it’s a great place to spend the summer, or even one year, because it’s so quiet and peaceful. One can go to the mountain to meditate or have a swim at the near lake.

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Learn traditional Shaolin martial arts and Chinese culture in Sacred Kunyu mountain,birthplace of Taoism.

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